Taiwan: Key to China-Japan Ties! (20.8.2022)

Interfering Third Parties Are a Threat to Regional Security!

The price Japan has paid for its defeat in 1945 is that it has become an impotent mouthpiece for the forces of US Neo-Imperialism and aggression in the region! This may be further clarified as being one of the main long-term effects of two Atomic Bombs dropped by the US on two defenceless Japanese cities during 1945! Yes – the America which is aggressively agitating in the Asia-Pacific region (and continuously accusing other nations of warmongering) – is the only country on earth to have used the Atomic Weapons! No other country on earth has been insane enough to carry-out such an inhuman act of total annihilation! In the end, Japanese Imperialist aggression killed tens of millions throughout China and Asia – and was eventually defeated by an alliance of the West, China and the USSR – and now the world must move on! Time is on China’s side whilst the US is exercising a ‘remote control’ of non-White people in Asia – which includes the Japanese and a minority of misled people in Taiwan! China will prevail and the US will lose – as the ‘end game’ today is being played out by a strong and independent China and a US being domestically ripped a part by an out of political right-wing! Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese motherland and will never be allowed to fall into the hands of the contemporary Neo-Imperialists! If you would like to read more about this issue please click HERE: