A ‘Socialist’ Internet – China to Lead the Way! (26.8.2022)

It is a sad fact that one of the first websites established on the US-controlled internet (during 1997) was dedicated to the political far-right and used the language of mainstream academia to convey the Neo-Nazi pseudo-science that advocates the falsehood of a racial hierarchy – placing the ‘White’ Europeans at the top – and the ‘Black’ Africans at the bottom! Considering how difficult it was in those days to establish even a single line of descriptive text or generate a basic picture online in those days – the suspicion is that the government of US President Clinton was behind this website!

China and India Should ‘Unite’ in the Face of US Neo-Imperialism! (26.8.2022)

At present, we must sit and observe the US bourgeoisie interact in a sugary-sweet manner with its Indian counter-part – whilst millions of ordinary Indian people remain illiterate and enslaved by the inverted and primitive ideology of religion – which is the result of the grinding poverty they are forced to endure on a daily basis! This is the socio-economic reality that bourgeois Indian collaboration with the predatory capitalism of the United States truly represents! Whilst a succession of Indian governments allow the West to interfere in the relations between China and India – the 1947 Independence of India (from the brutality of the British ‘Raj’) will mean absolutely NOTHING for the majority of ordinary Indians!