Xinjiang: Rare Ili Pika (Small Mountain Mammal) Spotted by Volunteers! (23.8.2022)

It exists only in Xinjiang, China, and its populations have been seen to be dropping in recent decades! This species was not discovered until 1983 – but scientific strategies are being implemented in an attempt to gather data and assist these animals to survive! As they mainly inhabit the bare rock areas of the Tianshan Mountains (between heights of 2,800 and 4,100 meters above sea level) – encounters with humans are rare!

Sichuan: Drought Exposes Full Extent of Ancient Buddhist Artefact! (23.8.2022)

Although Buddhist philosophy must be distinguished from the religious urges which have often surrounded ‘Buddhism’ (Marx, Engels and Mao possessed a healthy respect for Early Buddhist dialectics), within ancient China and elsewhere, thousands upon thousands of individuals have been motivated to stop seeking-out their daily living, the sustenance of others and/or the means to change and transform human society for the betterment of all! Instead, what a modern humanity is left with today is the often impressive and awe-inspiring physical structures of the human populations of the past, which instead of communicating with a ‘hidden realm’ (as intended) are actually communicating with exactly the same humanity, simply a humanity occupying a different space and time from them!