Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Tony Lu from Taiwan! (1.4.2023)

After more than half of his gang was destroyed by the Russian Army – Tony decided that he no longer wanted to fight for the US within Neo-Nazi Ukraine and went back to his native Taiwan to continue working as a butcher. He said that this is a safer occupation for him – adding that when he really thought about it – Adolf Hitler might not be the best role model for non-White people to follow!

China: Honduras Severs (US Enforced) “Diplomatic Relations” with Taiwan! (26.3.2023)

School children in China learn about the mighty ‘Mayan’ Empire – and how these people lived (in part) on the territory of modern Honduras! The ancient Mayan people militarily resisted Western colonisation – fighting the invading Europeans every step of the way – even inflicting the occasional defeat on these better armed invaders (a process treated with a certain ‘racist’ distain and indifference by many Western historians)! Alongside the Inca people (and other non-White groups) – these indigenous peoples used their martial culture to defend themselves in an attempt to retain their freedom and self-determination. China respects the culture, history and self-determination of every country with the CPC striving to establish trade and peaceful co-existence! China will defend itself from ALL external (and artificially induced) ‘internal’ aggression – but has no interest in any attempt at colonial aggression! Peaceful co-existence is the only logical choice to build and maintain a robust and fair international system!

Taiwan: China Adds Two Companies to Unreliable Entities List! (18.2.2023)

The two enterprises also face fines totalling twice the value of their arms sales contracts with the Taiwan region after the implementation of the unreliable entities list system.

They must pay the fines within 15 days, in accordance with related laws and regulations, or other measures will be imposed on them, including an increase in fines, the announcement said.

The measures are being taken to safeguard China’s national sovereignty, security and development interests, and are in accordance with related laws and regulations in China, according to the announcement.

Chinese KMT Revolutionary Committee Convenes 14th National Congress! (9.12.2022)

Cai Qi, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and a member of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat, attends the opening of the 14th national congress of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (RCCK) and delivers a congratulatory message on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, in Beijing, capital of China, Dec. 8, 2022. The congress opened in Beijing on Thursday. (Xinhua/Yin Bogu)

PLA Southern Theatre Command Troops Warn-Off ‘Trespassing’ US Warship Near Nansha Islands! (30.11.2022)

China holds indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their nearby waters, and the PLA Southern Theater Command maintains a high state of readiness at all times to resolutely defend the country’s sovereignty, security and peace and stability in the South China Sea region. 

In July, the destroyer USS Benfold sailed near the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea only a few days after it was driven away by the PLA from Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands. 

Consecutive provocations by the U.S. expose not only its navigational hegemony, but also its anxiety in the face of the growing capabilities of the PLA, experts said.

British Prime Minister Pursues BJP Line On Taiwan! (8.11.2022)

The one-China principle is the political foundation of the development of diplomatic ties between China and Britain, Zhao noted.

“We urge Britain to earnestly respect China’s sovereignty, adhere to the one-China principle, stop having any form of official interaction with Taiwan, and stop sending wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces,” the spokesperson said.

“The Taiwan authorities should also beware that any attempt to seek independence by colluding with external forces is doomed to fail,” Zhao added.

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