China’s Long History at the Sanxingdui Ruins Continue to Surprise! (19.8.2022)

China Possesses a Long and Continuous History!

A central element of Eurocentric (Western) racism is that ‘White’ culture is both ‘long’ and ‘superior’ when compared to any other cultural expression seen throughout the world! The science of archaeology, however, has firmly proven both of these assumptions to be completely incorrect! Whereas racism causes suffering in the world because due to its distorted thinking motivating violent and destructive action – the purpose of science, (when used correctly), is designed to ‘remove’ the type of ignorance that motivates the false ideology that underlies racist thinking! One conclusion that can be drawn from the science of archaeology is that China possesses one of the longest and unbroken lineages of culture the world has ever known! Not only this, but much of what survives in the Chinese collective memory is often proven to be premised upon material reality – when the contents of excavations are made known to the world! Far from being ‘myth’ – the collective memories of the Chinese people are often proven (by the science of archaeology) to be ‘correct’ and the product of genuine, material history! If you want to learn more about the diverse nature of China’s past – click HERE: