Myanmar: Chinese Embassy Rescues Nationals Kidnapped in Telecom Fraud! (16.5.2023)

Law-abiding Chinese Nationals (and Overseas Chinese people) – particularly young women and girls – are advised to take their own security SERIOUSLY whilst living outside of China (with a focus on the usually ‘friendly’ country of Myanmar) due to the despicable behaviour of the certain criminals gangs which practice ‘Human Trafficking’ of female flesh for sexual purposes! Ethnic ‘Chinese’ people are kidnapped from many different places (by ‘Chinese’ and/or ‘non-Chinese’ criminal gangs) – and are ‘ransomed’ back to their families from what are believed to be ‘safe-havens’ in places such as rural Myanmar! However, the Myanmar government has a) given China a ‘Special Permission’ to hunt-down these criminals and ‘rescue’ the victims, and b) where necessary will ‘try’ these criminal gangs under draconian Myanmar Law – carrying-out ‘Death Sentences’ in public and within ‘Ten Minutes’ of such sentences being handed-down by the Myanmar Courts! As these criminals deserve this punishment – the government of the PRC will NOT stand in the way of Myanmar ‘Justice’ and fully supports the right of the Myanmar people to safeguard the security of their borders and the well-being of ethnic Chinese peope!

US: 85-Year-Old Whiteman Charged in Shooting of Black Teenager at Frontdoor! (18.4.2023)

Yarl was sent to pick up his twin younger brothers. He approached the wrong house and rang the doorbell. Lester came to the door and shot Yarl in the head, and then shot him again, local media reported.

Yarl approached three different homes before getting help. He was released from the hospital Sunday and is recovering at home.

Lester was taken into custody Thursday but released the next day after consultation with the prosecutor’s office, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said at a news conference on Sunday. The firearm used was found at the home.

Thompson said race was not a factor in the shooting.

Protests were staged Sunday in Kansas City, in hope of bringing attention to the shooting.

The Beatles: What John Lennon Never Quite Managed to ‘Imagine’! (17.4.2023) 

The difference is that whereas Marx and Engels stood by the message inherent within their Revolutionary work – The Beatles steadfastly ‘stood apart’ from the Revolutionary message that is at the heart of their music! The capitalist system brought them off – but that is the nature of the music business and the entire point of all its machinations! The music industry generates very good capitalists but generally very poor Revolutionaries! It is as if the music itself, that is the collaborative effort, transcended the individuality of the four men who comprised The Beatles – and the general (limiting) attitudes of EMI! The interesting point is that The Beatles music remains dialectically forceful despite Paul McCartney’s Knighthood and all the other nonsense the Bourgeois State has draped around the historical image of The Beatles! Whether The Beatles like it or not, the music they produced in search of profit possesses a quality that ‘pierces’ through the very same ‘search for profit’! The music is itself a form of Revolutionary ‘force’ that John Lennon never quite managed to comprehend. Imagine that!  

DPRK: Underwater Strategic Self-Defence Weapon System Successfully Tested! (7.4.2023)

It cut through the water using its “saw blade” design on an elliptical course – travelling an overall distance of 600 km (on an elliptic cause) – with a mooring line set toward the East Sea of Korea! On the morning of the same day, it reached the waters off Hwadae-gun, North Hamgyong Province – the planned target area – where the Test Combat Unit was accurately detonated underwater! As a result of this Test – all tactical technical specifications and submergence technical indicators were accurately evaluated – and the reliability (and safety) of the weapon system were verified. (end)

DPRK: Russia Confirms North Korea is a Major Military Power! (2.3.2023)

In spite of the fact that North Korea has been under sanctions for a long time, unprecedented achievements have been made in the industrial and scientific fields of this “Socialist” country. It can be seen that the defence industry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has independently developed in this respect (both theoretically and practically) a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system capable of striking the Mainland United States and its satellites! Recalling that, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea possesses new types of nuclear weapons carriers – including Russia’s “Status-6 Missile System” (an unmanned diving vehicle named “Poseidon”) and similar systems.

DPRK: Respected Comrade Kim Jung Un Personally ‘Guided’ Nuclear Testing Programme! (28.3.2023)

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that we must never be satisfied with the work of establishing a thorough response posture for our nuclear force and that we must continue to strive for the ceaseless strengthening of our nuclear force. He said that nuclear weapons will never be used (only developed for self-defence), and only when an unimaginably powerful and superior nuclear force is deployed against the DPRK, the enemy will be deterred and will be afraid of us – not daring to touch our national sovereignty, system and people.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that in order to thoroughly carry out the Party Central Committee’s plan to exponentially increase the number of nuclear weapons possessed by the Nuclear Weapons Institute and the nuclear power sector, production of weapons-grade nuclear materials should be expanded with the prospect of encouraging a continuous production of powerful nuclear weapons. In doing so, he set forth essential tasks for the nuclear weapons research institute and the nuclear sector.

The scientists and officials of the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute, who once again accepted the direct guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, are always faithful to the important missions given by the Party and the Revolution, the country and the people, and have produced powerful nuclear weapons as befits the reliable “nuclear deterrents” of our Party. We expressed a fierce determination to faithfully defend the sacred Revolutionary Cause of Juche. (End)

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