Sichuan: Ancient Egypt Educates and Informs! (18.8.2022)

Human Culture Has Diversified Immensely Since Its Inception!

China represents one of the earliest and continuous cultures to have existed on the earth! If ancient Egyptian culture had not declined through invasion and colonisation, China might well be sharing the world today with a dominant African culture! More than this, the two dominant cultures in the world would be ‘non-European’ – which is an important observation for all non-White people and those who are the historical victims of Eurocentric racism! Europeans have inflicted this form of mental illness upon the world – and then have blamed the victims of this illness when they dare to complain about the symptoms! Chinese children are privileged today because they live in a Socialist country and are truly ‘free’ of all direct contact with Eurocentric racism! Part of a Socialist education involves the exposure of children to the diverse cultures of the world where all expressions of human organisation are presented within historical context – and viewed from a perspective of ‘equal worth’ – despite the time and place (and the nature of the regimes), etc! Human evolution has thrived through diversification and more about this can be read HERE: