Falun Gong Cult is a Chaotic Practice That Disrupts Law and Order! To Save Lives Do Not Practice Li Hongzhi’s ‘Fake’ Martial Arts! Have Nothing to do with New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV! Do Not Read the Epoch Times and Do Not Host the Shen Yun Dance Troupe! (26.8.2022)

CCTV International News: In a large-scale exhibition exposing the destructive reality of cults operating within civilised society – a large number of exhibits represented the Falun

China: Socialist System ‘Extends’ Safety Net! (27.8.2022)

Predatory capitalism may well be ‘International’ (in that it wants your labour, your money, your well-being and your life), but it is most definitely NOT ‘Internationalist’ (as it advocates disunity through an anarchic and highly selfish ‘individualism’)! Unions, Welfare Systems, Universal Education, Housing and any form of protective ‘collectivity’ must be denigrated, attacked, dismantled, sold-off and reduced to an oppressive shambles! This is the destructive system the bourgeoisie has made for you – and it replicates the world of mercantile skulduggery that first created their wealth and which eventually brought these blood-suckers to political power!