Global COVID-19 Cases Surpass 600 million – Johns Hopkins University! (28.8.2022)

One of the most effective exports of the US since 1945 – other than global war and predatory capitalism – is, of course, its general capacity to present ‘anti-intellectualism’ as the highest expression of ‘free-will’! To state it simply, being ‘stupid’ is presented as being ‘wise’ – and the US government has fought entire wars in protection of this principle!

China’s Reusable Suborbital Carrier Makes Second Successful Flight! (28.8.2022)

The capitalist ideology is wasteful, polluting and its inherent ‘short-termism’ can only lead to the degradation of the planet and its tenuously balanced eco-system! Enhanced profits for the already rich – that’s it! Capitalism has nothing else to offer humanity! Oh, and along the way it will commit the destruction of the eco-system and everything that lives in it (including human beings)! Reality does not have to be this way! Indeed, ‘Socialist’ China is offering the world a different path – one defined by compassion, care and scientific advancement!

Xi Encourages Foreign Experts to Contribute More to Promoting Exchanges Between China and Other Countries! (28.8.2022)

This single act of constructive ‘Internationalism’ instantaneously opened the door wide for friendship without borders to develop – whilst simultaneously rescuing the people of China (a process in motion since the 1949 Socialist Revolution) from the stagnant morass the ‘Nationalist’ (KMT) government had dug! General Secretary Xi Jinping, however, has issued a friendly (but timely) reminder to the Chinese people, stating that effective ‘Internationalist’ communication is not a static process! It cannot rest on its laurels, it cannot be a fond memory of the past, but must be a continuous and dynamic expression of the collective will of the Chinese people as expressed through the declaration of Chairman Mao Zedong in 1949 – ‘Today, the Chinese People have stood up!’