China: Engineers and Workers Move Shanxi Park Gate!

This is an example of the type of engineering capability that the Chinese people (led and directed by the CPC) are able to plan, apply and successfully complete! In many ways, this success is a microcosm of ‘new’ China which is modernising at a rapid speed under the direction of the Communist Party and the intellectual and physical labour of the ordinary people (who are the foundation of the Communist Party)! The old makes way for the new – but the Chinese Authorities are able to make China a better place to live for its contemporary population without destroying the past – but rather ‘gently’ make way for the improvements!

Chinese Embassy in Cambodia Receives Over 20 Taiwan Compatriots’ Requests for Help! (31.8.2022)

When the chips are down the ‘Separatist’ movement in Taiwan – or even its elected government – are unable (or ‘unwilling’) to assist the Citizens of China when situations are bad, dangerous or trying in other countries! The Communist Party of China (CPC) will always assist the Chinese people wherever they are or happen to be! Furthermore, in the best interests of humanitarianism, the Communist Party of China (CPC) will help anyone human or assist in any task that requires ‘collective’ restorative, rescuing or recuperative action! This includes caring for the environment and all the living creatures with in it!

China’s Approach to Cyberspace Governance! (31.8.2022)

Over the past decade, China has built the world’s largest network infrastructure with advanced technology, Xin Guobin, vice minister of industry and information technology, announced in June this year.

Besides, access bandwidth of the optical fiber network has increased from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, mobile networks have made breakthroughs in 3G, 4G and 5G, and broadband access has been extended to all administrative villages across the country, contributing to poverty alleviation.

At the same time, China has been committed to sharing its digital dividends with the rest of the world. The country has continuously aided less developed nations in the forms of technology, equipment and services. In recent years, China’s digital trade with Belt and Road countries has maintained strong growth.