Grave of William Francis Gamul Farmer (1812-1860) – St Dunstan’s Church (13.8.2022)

After a family project involving the study of the monument to WF Gamul Farmer (1812-1860) positioned at the East Entrance to Nonsuch Park – we decided (as a group) – to see if we could locate the grave of this local gentleman, despite the fact that he had died 162 years ago! After about half an hour of looking around St Dunstan’s Church with no success, I remembered that the Church used to encourage the idea that wealth and status could guarantee a place in heaven – providing that this wealth and status was used in favour of the Church in whilst the individual concerned lived on earth! My hunch proved correct. Usually, the graves of the good and the great are located if not very close to the exterior of the Church wall – then actually in the interior of the Church (buried under heavy flagstones engraved with the details of the deceased). The problem was that by the mid to late 1800s, all the interior space of the Churches had already been paid for and occupied – and so this left the only ‘premier’ spots for the here after to be located outside the Church wall positioned at various distanced from the East-facing Altar!