Red Flag – Adding Number ‘5’ – May 9th Project! (5.9.2022) 

Today’s Family Project Marks May 8th and May 9th –
Commemorating the Defeat of the Nazi Germans in 1945!

The Red Flag – or ‘Red Banner’ – was carried to the top of the Reichstag around the 30th of April (although exact dates vary according to source), by ‘Shock Troops’ of the Soviet Red Army who had to fight for every inch of ground during the Battle of Berlin (which raged between April 16th – May 2nd, 1945), sixteen-days of savagery that cost the Soviet Red Army an astonishing 350,000 casualties! This means that the Soviet Red Army lost a staggering 21,875 soldiers per day (killed and wounded)! This is a phenomenal figure considering the relatively small geographical area contested by the Soviet Red Army and the fanatical Nazi German defence! Thousands upon thousands of ‘Red Flags’ were issued to Soviet Red Army soldiers that were ‘numbered’ (for ‘official’ purposes) and carried into battle through the streets of Berlin! The German people were to be ‘liberated’ from Adolf Hitler and not necessarily ‘conquered’! Fascists were to be destroyed without mercy – but not the ordinary German working-class forced into fighting for Hitler! The Red Flag that made it to the top of the Reichstag had the number ‘5’ marked on its reverse! Today, most replicas of this flag do not possess the number’5’ on its reverse – and so today we have added it as a family project out of respect for the memory of the Soviet Red Army!  

The Finished Product!

Russian-language information states: 

Red Army: 81,116 killed, 274,184 wounded 215,9000 small arms. 1997 tanks and self-propelled guns. 2108 guns and mortars 917 aircraft, Polish troops: 2825 killed 6067 wounded! 

Nazi German Casualties: Soviet data: 400,000 killed and Wounded – 380,000 captured! 

The losses of the Volkssturm, the Police, the Todt Organization, the Hitler Youth, the Imperial Railways Service, and the Labour Service are unknown.  

German data: up to 100,000 killed, 220,000 wounded, 480,000 prisoners! 

During the late 1940s, the US began its Cold War policy of demonising the USSR – stating it was ‘no different’ to Nazi German – and that the Red Army casualties were exaggerated, unwarranted and irrelevant! The number of 41 million Soviet men, women and children was played-down, and the Nazi German Forces were ‘heroic’ in their defence of Germany – which was, after-all – the defence of great and good about Europe in the face of the barbarism that the Russians represented! Together with the Catholic Church, the US, UK and the countries of Western Europe rehabilitated ex-Nazi War Criminals (ten thousand former Ukrainian ‘SS’ War Criminals, at the request of the Pope, was air-lifted by Churchill to live freely in Scotland) – with Japanese War Criminals invited to live and work in the US! Part of this embracing of world fascism by the US involved the emphasis of Japanese ‘Nationalist’ inspired martial arts being encouraged throughout America and Europe, so that ‘Chinese’ martial culture, (which was assumed to lead to ‘Communism’), was played-down and pushed to the periphery of the Western awareness and imagination!  

The Blue-Print We Referenced for Our Project!

Today, in an effort to commemorate the 77th Anniversary of the ‘Victory’ of the Soviet Red Army over Nazi German (and their ‘Allies’)! During the bitter fighting of the Battle of Berlin – Hitler killed himself on April 30th – whilst ‘foreign’ members of the ‘SS’ (primarily from Scandinavia) fought to the last man in defence of Adolf Hitler’s vision of a racially ‘pure’ world, solely populated by the ‘Aryan’ race destined to ‘dominate’, ‘persecute’ and ‘destroy’ all non-White people! Furthermore, all ‘White’ people who disagreed with Hitler would be similarly ‘worked’ to death! Hitler’s Aryan race intended to take all the land, clear it of its indigenous populations, and replace them with the racially ‘pure’! If the Hitlerite forces had ‘won’ – the Concentration Camps – and the Gas Chambers – would have been ‘normalised’ throughout the world! Western civilisation would have been over-run, liberal democracy abolished and the populations of American and Europe subjugated and worked to death! The fact that none of this happens is one primary benefit that ALL the Western democracies experienced – and which they NEVER (‘collectively’ or ‘individually’) acknowledged or thanked the Soviet Union for! Instead, the Western democracies took the side of the Nazi Germans after the war and continued Hitler’s ideological attack on the Soviet System!  

Together We Are Strong!

Today, we thank the people of the Soviet Union (and ‘Russia’) for their sacrifices on behalf of the world during 1941-1945! Our grandparents fought against fascism in France, the North Atlantic and China! The war against fascism was an ‘Internationalist’ war which saw the international working-class form a ‘United Front’ across the world! The US, deluded and as anti-intellectual as it is, embarked upon an anti-Soviet path that can only be referred to as ‘evil’! The Communist Party was victorious in China during 1949 – after the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had been fighting Japanese imperialism from 1931, and Chiang Kai-Shek’s (US-backed) anti-Communist forces since 1928! It is said that although the Soviet Red Army entered Northeast China in late 1945 and destroyed the one million-strong – the Chinese people between 1931-1949 suffered around 60 million men, women and children in the fight against Japanese fascism! As we are British Chinese, we cannot ignore the importance of the sacrifice of the Chinese people – as many of our direct relatives were brutally murdered by the Japanese Imperial Army! We are also grateful for the Soviet Red Army which totally destroyed the Japanese military infrastructure and permanently laid to rest any notions the Japanese fascists had of being a ‘superior’ race! Long Live the International Working-Class and the Battle Against International Fascism!  

Creativity and Solidarity!

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