Email: Falun Gong Cult Rescue! (25.5.2022)

We welcome your ongoing communication because although the attributed name stays the same at the top of your emails – we know that the people behind the ‘name’ are continuously being changed! This is because those being co-opted by the Falun Gong Cult to ‘harvest’ the email addresses of the general public (and then harass them with unsolicited spam communications), are always changing as the individuals concerned are ‘forced’ to do this ‘phishing’ activity by their Falun Gong Cult captors! However, we are also aware that the use of this email address has ‘spread’ through the various Falun Gong Cult groups and is known to be a ‘SAFE’ first point of communication for those who want to escape and return to the world of reason, responsibility and mutual respect for human life! 

DPR: German Communist Party Condemns US and NATO! (25.5.2022)

The Congress also discussed issues related to the election of the Central Committee. The previous Chairman, Patrick Köbele, and the majority of the members of the Central Committee again put forward their candidacies. Since the Congress was held in an online format, the elections themselves must take place in the form of postal voting in accordance with legal norms. The results will be known only in mid-June.