The Taxman (1966) – How the Beatles Got it Wrong! 

Yes – very rich people did pay a substantial amount of their ample incomes as a contribution in this re-distribution of wealth – but the working-class paid much more tax collectively than the middle or upper classes (even though the rate of tax each individual paid was less due to their lower incomes). It is a shame that the four Beatles took the money the British public gave them in reward for their (extraordinary) musical talents – and then ‘refused’ to contribute what amounted to a relatively ‘small’ over-all contribution of their incomes toward the general health of the nation! Later, when John Lennon walked around wearing a ‘Mao Zedong’ badge – perhaps one or two of the Beatles regretted making this track – particularly as the sentiment expressed is inherently ‘right-wing’ and would eventually feed into the fascistic ideology of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and a host of other faceless Tory and Lib-Dems leaders! Since 1979, the Beatles may have been pleased to see the start of the privatisation of the NHS, the selling-off of Council Houses, the closing of hospitals and the dismantling of the Welfare System! Perhaps they were ecstatic when Thatcher abolished ‘free’ University education for the British youth – immediately plunging hundreds of thousands into a lifetime of abject poverty! By applying such right-wing ideology, the Tories and Lib-Dems (according to a UN investigation) murdered over 120,000 people with disabilities between 2010-2016! They achieved this by cutting taxes for the rich and services for the poor – a simple correlation that further enriches the already wealthy whilst simultaneously reducing the life-expectancy of the poor!

Sichuan: Drought Exposes Full Extent of Ancient Buddhist Artefact! (23.8.2022)

Although Buddhist philosophy must be distinguished from the religious urges which have often surrounded ‘Buddhism’ (Marx, Engels and Mao possessed a healthy respect for Early Buddhist dialectics), within ancient China and elsewhere, thousands upon thousands of individuals have been motivated to stop seeking-out their daily living, the sustenance of others and/or the means to change and transform human society for the betterment of all! Instead, what a modern humanity is left with today is the often impressive and awe-inspiring physical structures of the human populations of the past, which instead of communicating with a ‘hidden realm’ (as intended) are actually communicating with exactly the same humanity, simply a humanity occupying a different space and time from them!

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