Latvia: US-backed Neo-Nazis Finally ‘Come-Out’! (20.5.2022)

Yet another example of the LGBT Community associating itself with the far-right and the Neo-Nazi Movement! Considering how many gay people fall victim to far-right violence and the terrible history of the gay community at the hands of Adolf Hitler – all this just goes to show how strong White racism is when it serves as the ‘glue’ that holds the gays and the Nazis together! The leaders of the gay community should know by now that the enemy is not (and cannot be) the USSR – which lost 41 million men, women and children – fighting to free gay people from Concentration Camps, but rather the Fascistic Nazi Germans who put them there in the first place!

Art: How the Ukrainians Relate to German Nazism! V. Grigoriev [В.Григорьев] (1954)

You are the cannon fodder of NATO, and the Neo-Nazi hypocrites that rule you. It is already clear that the Western world cannot forgive the Russians for their (Soviet) victory in the war against Nazi Germany! Descendants of Nazi Germany’s military criminals are trying to avenge their lost ancestors with the hands, feet and heads of Ukrainians!

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