Gdansk: Polish Neo-Nazis Desecrate Remembrance of Soviet Heroes! (9.5.2022)

Poland has reverted to its re-1939 status of a ‘Nazi Reich’ – which was loyal to Hitler before he ‘betrayed’ that trust – following in the footsteps of one notorious Ukrainians! Both countries, of course, are united in their support for the Roman Catholic Church which has always supported fascism and Neo-Nazism and which has never repented this policy or its past of openly assisting Hitlerite War Criminals!

Short Lecture – Explaining the Victory Banner of the USSR (1945) 

The Hammer denotes the ‘Proletariat’ or the Industrialised Workers who work in factories – whilst the Sickle represents the ‘Agricultural’ Workers who work the land and participate in farming! Prior to this ‘1918’ design, older versions of this flag (sometimes seen in Eire), are comprised of a ‘Hammer’ (Proletariat) and a ‘Plough’ (Farmers)!

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