DPR: On the Work of the Communist Party During ‘Liberating’ Hostilities! (18.4.2022)

After the complete liberation of the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, we will have to work on the re-registration of all party members, taking into account the liberated regions and cities, to restore the party structures again. Only then will we be able to hold a full-fledged and legitimate regular Congress of our Party. In the history of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the CPSU, such a similar situation was evident during the Great Patriotic War. Thirteen years passed between the XVIII (March 1939) and the XIX (October 1952) Plenums of the Central Committee were held in accordance with the evolving situation in the country. At the same time, the Party then led and directed the struggle of the Soviet people in the fight against fascism, organized the national economy, led the people to victory and rebuilt the country destroyed by the war. Today we live in a different world, where there is a fierce struggle for the ideas of social justice, peace and Socialism.

Britain and America are Supporting Neo-Nazi Aggression in Ukraine (2022) 

For months – the US-controlled ‘Wikipedia’ trumpeted that a ‘popular’ Revolution had occurred in Western Ukraine and ensured that any editing of the site omitted mention of ‘neo-Nazism’ or that in East Ukraine a number of Socialist ‘People’s Republics’ had been established on the grounds of ‘resisting this Western-backed ‘neo-Nazism.’ Indeed, it took a court case (which the private owners of Wikipedia lost) to legally enforce that the online encyclopaedia stated on its Ukraine-page that the 2014 take-over of Ukraine was ‘illegal’ and that the conquering ‘Maidan’ regime was in fact ‘far-right’ in political motivation!

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