Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be Proud to be a Called a ‘Communist’ (But Probably Isn’t!)


Noel Gallagher’s latest outburst, might be a ploy to ‘mainstream’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Scientific Socialist tendencies. Noel Gallagher, in his youth, was well-known for his own ‘Communistic’ outbursts, and part of his fame stems from his distinctly ‘proletariat’ approach to handling the music industry that made him rich, and the media that made him famous. One thing is for sure, Jeremy Corbyn should be proud to be called a ‘Communist’, but from the indignant response of the bourgeois left (which includes the Labour Party), and the vacuous prattling of the mindless rightwing press, it is obvious that those around him consider this an ‘insult’. There is nothing insulting about caring for humanity and striving (through the use of ‘Scientific Socialism’) to eradicate poverty, war and disease. The problem for the bourgeoisie is that this progressive process would also mean an end to that parasitic class, and it is this fear of the loss of privilege and wealth that drives the continuous (and highly misinformed) campaign against Communism. Ever since the Communist Party founded the British Labour Party, the bourgeois establishment has striven to infiltrate it, and convert it to its own hatefilled and greed-orientated ideology. This bourgeois project has been very successful and is almost complete. A keen-eyed observer knows something is afoot, when the veteran Labour Party ‘Socialist’ – Dennis Skinner – records in his biography that he visited the Soviet Union (as part of an all expenses paid union visit to Moscow in his youth), but he ‘refused’ to visit the tomb of Lenin in Red Square! This evidence may be added to such bourgeois (left) Labour figures such as Tony Benn, George Galloway and Ken Livingstone, to mention just a few, all of whom have made a career out of denigrated the Soviet Union and enthusiastically joining with the Bourgeois State in its propagation of US-generated Cold War lies. I doubt very much that Jeremy Corbyn is a Communist, or even a Marxist for that matter. He grew out of the Labour bourgeois left along with Benn and co, and I further doubt that his views differ from those of his peers. Whilst talking about saving the NHS, Corbyn has said nothing about the Welfare System, and has omitted completely any mention of raising taxes during the next Labour Party government. The reality is simple; no tax raises, no redistribution of wealth, no Welfare State and no NHS. In the meantime, Labour Party duplicity apart – the Communist Movement has done much to progress humanity, and all those ignorant right wingers and fascists have Communists to thank for the 8 hour day and basic working rights. The defeat of international fascism during the 1930’s and 1940’s can be added to this comprehensive list!

Paul Robeson (Поль Робсон): A Full Human-Being in the USSR!


“In (Soviet) Russia, I felt for the first time like a full human being – no colour prejudice like in Mississippi – no colour prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being!” – Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson at Russian Embassy Party
















British Socialist Victor Grayson Missing Since 1920


Victor Grayson was born in Liverpool in 1881 and has been missing since 1920. He was a British Socialist who won the Colne Valley (West Yorkshire) by-election in 1907, and served as a Socialist MP in the UK Parliament, until he lost his seat in the 1910 General Election. He gained such notoriety through his lecturing and outspoken views, that he attracted the attention of VI Lenin in 1913 (who that thought him fiery in speech, but lacking in sound Socialist principle). Whilst an MP (representing the Independent Labour Party) he developed a alcohol problem and rarely attended Parliament to represent his constituency, and during 1913, he suffered a psychological breakdown. Unlike many Socialists of his day, he actively campaigned for working class British men to support any war Britain might be involved in, and join the armed forces. Curiously, the British government and police (after 1917) suspected Victor Grayson of being a spy for Communist Russia, and/or a supporter of the Socialist Irish Republican Army. He went missing without a trace in 1920, just before he was about to expose Prime Minister David Lloyd George for selling honours for between £10,000 to £40,000 each. He (or his body) has never been found, and it is thought that the British government had him murdered to keep him quiet.

Marx Oration – Highgate Cemetery (19.03.2017) Long Live the Paris Commune!

Key Speaker: Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro



Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


‘In present times, as you know, the legacy of Marx is at the core of the Bolivarian Revolution and more specifically in the policies of our Government. Our social programs are inspired by the ideas of Karl Marx, giving priority to the inclusion of poor people into health, education, and housing systems.’

Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro – Marx Oration (2017)

Socialist Venezuela represented an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy’

US President Obama (2016)

October, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution in Russia that swept VI Lenin and his Bolshevik Party to power. Today, around 200 people from all social and ethnic backgrounds converged on the entrance to Highgate Cemetery in preparation for the short march to the grave of Karl Marx (who died on March 14th, 1883), marked since 1956 by a monument equal to the historical importance of this extraordinary man. Following the destruction of the Paris Commune in May, 1871, Karl Marx, his family, Friedrich Engels and other Socialists in the UK, attempted to commemorate this event each year on its anniversary, but faced tremendous resistance from the British establishment. However, they continued to work for a regular gathering each year despite this official harassment. When Karl Marx died on March 14th, 1883, it was agreed that as this date was near the founding of the Paris Commune, it would be a good idea to merge the remembering of the life of Karl Marx with that of celebrating, commemorating and lamenting the passing of the Paris Commune – the world’s first attempt at establishing a Scientific Socialist State. Therefore, from 1883 onwards, the ritual of remembering Karl Marx has been intimately associated with the memory of the Paris Commune (which existed between March 18th to May 28th, 1871).


Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro – the Ambassador of Venezuela – gave a moving speech explaining how her country has been building a Socialist State premised upon Marxist principles, emphasising the eradication of poverty through the empowerment of the ordinary people. This has been achieved through extensive State assistance and support, which has seen an extensive re-distribution of wealth. This has seen a rapid reduction in homelessness (through the providing of good quality housing), and an equally rapid increase in public health through the establishment of a nation-wide medical system. The Venezuelan economy has been re-organised along Socialist lines, and has created employment and opportunities for the ordinary people to live in dignity through possessing a job, and positively contributing toward society. Employment unions are encouraged to ensure good working conditions, and there is an extensive welfare system for those who cannot work, or who are ill or disabled. However, Rocio Maneiro explained that despite all these important accomplishments for humanity, President Obama (of the USA) declared in 2016 that Venezuela represented an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy’. Following this statement, the Western Press started calling for military intervention in Venezuela, and the destruction of its Socialist regime. This is how the so-called ‘democratic’ capitalist world responded to the Venezuelan working people taking control of their own destiny. Venezuela continues the struggle against the excesses and injustices generated by the exploitative system of capitalism.


Liz Payne – the Chair of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – spoke powerfully about the historical importance of the establishment of the Paris Commune in 1871, and how it is important for all genuine Socialists and Communists to propagate its memory. Although the Paris Commune ultimately failed, the French people for a time exhibited a true working class consciousness which was attacked and destroyed by the reactionary forces of capitalism. Karl Marx, in his many works, stated that the working class will have many victories – and suffer many defeats, before the final victory of Socialism and the establishment of Communism. The Paris Commune symbolised how working people can take control of their own destinies, and if need be, organise to defend that achievement. The eventual defeat was noble, and set the example of how working class people should proceed. When a white shirt covered in blood was raised on a stick (taken from a dead worker killed by the authority) – the Red Flag of Socialism was born.


Alaister Beach & Adrian Chan-Wyles



Representative of the PRC with Members of the CPB














Clara Zetkin (1857-1933) – Founder of International Women’s Day (March 8)


Working class women all over the world have been agitating for change and revolution for hundreds of years. International Women’s Day was established in 1910 by German Communist Clara Zetkin, at the International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen, and falls annually on March 8th. This marks the World Day of the struggle of the female proletariat for its rights and freedom from capitalist oppression. Clara Zetkin was one of the prominent leaders of the International Women’s Communist Movement. Particularly emphasized was the class content of the holiday. Since 1911, March 8 began to be celebrated around the world. In Petrograd in 1917, women taking direct strike action led to the February Revolution, and then the October Revolution.


Clara Zetkin,after interviewing Lenin in 1920, was a recipient of the Order of the Red Banner (1927), and the Order of Lenin (1932) for her ongoing leftwing political activity. When Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933, Clara Zetkin had to flee to the Soviet Union for safety. However, not long after arriving, she succumbed to old age and died at 75 years old. Her remains were interned into the Kremlin Wall – such was the value of her life work. In the Soviet Union, March 8th became the recognised day of the women’s-revolutionary action, working for freedom from capitalism and the enslavement by patriarchal moral dogmas and moral taboos. This day united all the workers of the entire world, against the bourgeoisie,and its wars, poverty and fascism. This took on an explosive nature during the 1960’s, that saw women everywhere throwing Molotov cocktails at the forces of the bourgeois system, and joining with men in a concerted attack upon capitalism! March 8th still has this power today, and all women and girls should educate themselves and rise-up against tyranny! Resist the capitalist system and do not allow the defaming of International Women’s Day as just another powerless bourgeois fetish. Remember the battles of the 19th and 20th centuries for the right of women to work, to have decent working conditions, an 8 hour day, and realistic wages!


Women! Against poverty, violence and war, for revolution and socialism – unite!


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C0-Op Bank – Lurching to the Right


As far as I am concerned, the Western banking system (and all banks within it) are thoroughly bourgeois and supportive of cut-throat capitalism. In fact, such financial institutions are the quintessential essence of this brutal and self-serving capitalist mode of class exploitation, and this is doubly so for the so-called ‘Co-Operative Bank’ that claims to have its roots within 19th century ‘Socialist’ (i.e. ‘Unionist’) movements of the workers. Today, I am hearing one story after another, emanating from various leftwing sources, that state a number of leftwing groups (such as those dealing with Palestinian rights, Cuban revolutionary freedom, and the study of great Soviet leaders), have come under such concerted and aggressive attacks from the ‘Co-Op Bank’, that decades old accounts have had be closed, and ‘new’ banking avenues sought after. The Co-Op idea did not have its roots in the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels, but rather in the ‘Utopian’ (and religiously based) Socialism that generally supported the bourgeois status quo (mirroring Trotskyism), and which had no intention of supporting Marxist-led revolution. This is why those groups being attacked by the Co-Op Bank today, are inherently linked to Marxist-Leninist movements, and by implication, to Russia. It is clear that the Co-Op Bank is following the anti-Russian dictates of the Tory government, which in turn is being directed by the US and EU. All leftists should withdraw their money from the Co-Op Bank and destroy it legally from within! After-all, the Co-Op Bank has been complicit in the destruction of the British economy (as part of the greedy bankers system), and has remained ‘quiet’ about the injustices of banker-led ‘Austerity’ against the people. The greedy banks are bailed-out whilst the ordinary people are made to suffer for their incompetence.

Paul Robeson: The First to Die in the Fight Against Fascism Have Been the Communists

Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, June 12, 1956

‘Mr. ROBESON: In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being. No color prejudice like in Mississippi, no color prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being. Where I did not feel the pressure of color as I feel [it] in this Committee today.’

Rightwing Bigotry Never Invented Anything!


If it wasn’t for the fact that Albert Einstein was so clever, I am sure the United States would have expelled him, and banned him from re-entering the country.  Furthermore, the US authorities may well have opted for ‘assassination’, to stop a possible ‘defection’ to the Soviet Union  – particularly after Einstein conclusively condemned the modern Zionist State of Israel from it inception.  Einstein was one of the greatest minds created by humanity (and evolution), and in his considered intellectual opinion, capitalism was stupid because it keeps people in a deliberate state of ‘exploitable’ arrested development, as the last thing the exploiters want, is for the exploited to realise and understand what is going on.  Einstein, as a genius, stated quite plainly and clearly that the Socialist path is the scientifically ‘superior’ path for humanity, so if the greatest thinker of our age (or any age) thinks this, then why hasn’t Western society listened to him?  After-all, the Western establishment has been quite happy to ‘steal’ Einstein’s scientific ideas and sell them for profit, but nevertheless steers clear of his preference for Socialism.  Einstein was perfectly correct, or course. Humanity has evolved together in the past, and for it to progress in the future, its must evolve ‘collectively’ yet again.  Capitalism, with its emphasis upon exploitable individuality, runs philosophically and biological counter to the natural forces of evolution, whereas the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels runs entirely inaccordance with it.  Capitalism, with its incessant ‘greed’ for personal wealth keeps humanity as a whole  dumbed-down, and unable to effectively ‘imagine’ and ‘think’. Capitalism, and those wedded to it, are inherently ‘stupid’ because that is the default setting of ‘greed’.  Humans living within bourgeois society mostly conform without any sense of awareness or objectivity, but occasionally, individuals do rise to the top, being able to ‘transcend’ the conditionality of their circumstances.  This is the development of a Socialist mind-set within the capitalist system, and can be used to precipitate a system-wide Revolution of thinking and behaving.  It is only through Socialist thinking that humanity can scientifically progress, this is why the Soviet Union was technologically far ahead of the West, and why Communist China is now leading the world.  One thing is for sure, being happy to wallow in capitalist indifference, is simply being happy to be in one’s prison cell, even though the door is perpetually ‘open’.  Such stupidity!

Paul Robeson’s Solidarity with China: Stand Up! The People Will Nolonger Be Slaves!



Original Chinese Language Article By: http://www.jfdaily.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  Paul Robeson is one of the greatest intellectuals the US has ever produced, despite its Eurocentric racism and pathological dislike of Blackness, Socialism and Communism. Paul Robeson was popular amongst US workers (of all ethnicities), and was a true ‘Internationalist’.  He stood-up to White US tyranny – and when he met with US President Truman, he demanded that anti-lynching laws be passed, as a means to stop rabid and hate-filled White people from murdering Black people through illegal torture and execution (which included hanging from trees, lamp posts and buildings).  Truman immediately halted the interview and had Robeson removed – refusing to help in anyway.  Although the US embarked on a Cold War strategy of fabrication and lies about the USSR, Paul Robeson would not change his view that Soviet Communism was better than US capitalism.  Finally, even today, Paul Robeson is treated with respect within Communist China, and this short article links him to the Chinese National Anthem.  ACW  5.8.2016

During the 1940’s, the greatly renowned African-American singer Paul Robeson, performed ‘March of the Volunteer’ all over the USA, which includes the powerful and poignant line:

‘Stand Up!  The People Will Nolonger Be Slaves!’

This song was written over 80 years ago, and since that time, its inspiring and revolutionary lyrics and majestic melody, have resonated across the length and breadth of China and the world.  Recently, the track entitled ‘Song of the Country – March of the Volunteers – National Anthem’ has been re-recorded and re-released in China.  As a distinct piece of inspirational music, it was originally written in the 1934 as part of Communist China’s anti-Japanese War effort.  This was a terrible time when the Chinese nation faced extermination at the hands of a brutal enemy – it was a matter of life and death for the Chinese people.  The anthem ‘March of the Volunteers’, was originally featured in the film entitled ‘Wind and clouds – Sons and Daughters’, with its lyrics written by Tian Han (田汉), and a musical accompaniment arranged by the composer Nie Er (聂耳).  This film was made in Shanghai – so it is from Shanghai that China’s National Anthem is known to have originated.


Before the establishment of New China, the ‘March of the Volunteers’ inspired the Chinese masses to rise-up against the forces of imperialism that were ripping the country apart, and destroying the Chinese people.  Together with the revolutionary bugle call, this anthem called for all the Chinese people to fight together to earn their independence and freedom from tyranny!  After the successful Chinese Communist Revolution in 1949, ‘March of the Volunteers’ became the National Anthem of China, and not only united the various ethnic groups to build Socialism within China, but its anti-imperialist ethos spread across the world to inspire all oppressed peoples to fight back against imperialist tyranny!  The anthem encourages all peoples to forge an indomitable spirit, and never give-up, no matter how powerful are the imperialist forces arrayed before the masses.  This revolutionary attitude has enabled New China to forge ahead in the world, and breath a new vigour into Chinese culture.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

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Dennis Skinner MP – How Thatcher Forged the Capitalist EU


‘When I hear Tories and the purple-faced UKIP go on now about Poles, Romanians and Bulgarians coming to Britain to work, I think back and remember what Mrs Thatcher did.  She signed the 1986 Single European Act to create the free market of people.  She was championing the eastwards expansion of the European Union into the former Soviet satellites.  She wanted the EU to embrace that part of the world to roll back the Iron Curtain, and stick it to Mikhail Gorbachev and Communists.  The Single Market was designed deliberately to allow employees to transfer cheap labour across national borders.  It wasn’t principally about letting workers decide where they’d look for jobs.  That’s a by-product.  The Single Market’s main aim was to supply cut-price workers to capitalism. A capitalism with an insatiable appetite for the dozen-a-penny workers she created by stripping away employment rights, by shackling trade unions.  The problems we wrestle with today can be traced back to her door.’

Dennis Skinner: Sailing Close to the Wind – Reminiscences, Quercus, (2014), Page 248

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