The Fighting Between Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the Donetsk People’s Republic (2015)

Translator’s Note: Neo-Nazism and far-right-wing Christian theology serve as the foundation of the illegitimate West Ukraine State. From 1991-2000 – the West was allowed (by the ‘new’ Russian bourgeoisie) to flood the lands of the former Soviet Union with right-wing Christianity (religion) and fascism as a means to fill the psychological and physical space left behind by the withdrawal of a guiding Marxist-Leninist ideology. As both theistic religion and fascism support capitalism and are vehicles for the sustaining of the ownership of private property – this arrangement served both sides (the West and the Russian bourgeoisie) very well. Furthermore, following the sudden withdrawal of all facets of a caring and uplifting Socialist State, a recent academic report states that around six million Russian people died of starvation, medical neglect and the elements – a number above and beyond the normally expected figure. The rise of Putin, however, saw a dramatic change of policy. He brought a wave of stabilising change which swept through Russia – but not the Ukraine (and this fact explains ‘why’ the Ukraine continues to be Neo-Nazi). He re-introduced a fairer welfare system and directly combatted far-right and non-Russian Christian groups – whilst ensuring the Russian Orthodox Church behaved itself. Putin even re-established Russian aid for Cuba! Although the far-right still exists in Russia, it is now outlawed and very much on the fringes of society whereas between 1991-2000 it was a common subculture which the West encouraged as an antidote to the Soviet Union’s long history of opposing fascism! The Western leaders (particularly those in Germany) thought it was funny to see confused (young) Russian men wearing Nazi German Swastikas and embracing the Hitlerite ideology that had murdered over 41 million of their own Slavic ethnicity (and many of their direct relatives) just 46-years earlier! They did this because the West (and the Russian bourgeoisie) both told them the ‘lie’ that the Soviet Union was ‘evil’ and that Hitler was somehow better! I have no illusions about modern Russia – after-all – it has reverted back to using the double-head eagle of the Romanovs on its flags! However, within this world of bourgeois politics (and outrageous hypocrisy) I know which side I am on when it comes to fighting Neo-Nazism! When you read the war reports below (from 2015), consider that whilst Donetsk and Lugansk were being attacked by the Neo-Nazi Ukraine regime – not a single country (except Italy) came to their aid! There was no blanket demonisation of the Ukrainian Junta that was doing this killing – after-all – it was doing it in the name of the US! ACW (4.3.2022)

Donetsk People’s Republic announced the destruction of 752 (Neo-Nazi) Ukrainian soldiers since the beginning of the aggressive offensive operation in Kyiv January 23, 2015, 20:02. Eduard Basurin, Deputy Commander of the military forces of the proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said that 752 Ukrainian security forces and 59 pieces of equipment had been destroyed since the start of the Kyiv offensive. “From the beginning of the offensive operation by Kiev (since January 12) to the present day, 752 Ukrainian servicemen have been destroyed by return fire. The loss of equipment is 59 tanks, 51 armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. The number of prisoners over the past day has not increased,” Basurin said at a press conference in Donetsk, RIA Novosti reports.

The Ministry of Défense of Ukraine earlier on Friday said that 50 militiamen were killed during the fighting in the Donetsk region, five were taken prisoner. “During the hostilities in the settlements of Opytnoye and Vodyane of the Donetsk region, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated a battalion of militants. Ukrainian servicemen killed more than 50 terrorists, five people were held captive by the Ukrainian military, two infantry fighting vehicles and artillery of the enemy were captured, four tanks, vehicles and ammunition of terrorists were destroyed – the website of the Ukrainian Ministry od Défense says.

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