Russian Special Forces – Barrack-Clearing! (15.3.2022)

The regular Russian Infantry would have fought the main battle – with Special Forces perhaps assisting in preparing the ground for the attack (by gathering intelligence and carrying-out precise localised missions before-hand) – and then, after the Infantry has moved on – the Special Forces might well have to ‘sweep’ forensically throughout the entire complex to root-out any ‘insurgents’ waiting to commit acts of sabotage and violence against the Russian personnel.

Kyiv: The Great Russian Airborne Troops Capture Foreign Weapons Used by the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Regime! (15.3.2022)

Although the US, UK and EU (which includes a modern ‘Germany’) has lavishly invested in the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime, the troops of this Junta, when confronted with an armed opposition, has continuously failed miserably on the battlefield! The type of person attracted to its Hitlerite ideology appears to be intellectually deficient and ‘unable’ to fire a simple (idiot-proof) weapons system!

Workers’ Institute: Explaing the UK Golden Visa Policy for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis! (15.3.2022)

Whereas most so-called ‘Leftist’ and ‘Communist’ groupings in the UK immediately (and ‘instinctively’) took the side of the Bourgeois State they are supposed to oppose (when it came to properly contextualising the Russian Special Operation Against Neo-Nazism in West Ukraine) – the steadfast Workers’ Institute has stood firm in the name of the International Working Class and kept the Red Flag of freedom flying high!

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