Ukraine: Neo-Nazis are Preparing Massacres in Mariupol! (2.3.2022)

There have also been reports that Neo-Nazis forcibly keep women and children in the basement and premises of School No. 34. In total, there are about 60 people who wanted to leave Mariupol along the green corridors. Neo-Nazis are going to blow up the above buildings and kill civilians in order to later blame the Russians for what happened – they say in the People’s Militia.

Book Review: Exposing ‘Younghusband’ by Patrick French (2022) 

Just as Younghusband’s racism is played-down, the racist misrepresentation of Chinese and Tibetan people is played-up! Westerners are always playing upon the idea of divide and conquer – and French is no exception to this rule. Within China today, the Chinese and Tibetan people are Comrades and very close ethnic groups. It is only within the racist Western mind that they are imagined to be a) apart, and b) antagonistic to one another!  The Pro-Tibetan Movement grew out of the 14th Dalai Lama’s tutelage under Nazi German advisors during and after WWII. Again, a reality ignored by people like French who have been duped by the CIA – which has ‘employed the Dalai Lama for decades! What this book does is convincingly demonstrate that a ‘cult-mentality’ can be utilised to write a narrative history which possess the power to mislead as it reveals! Just like Francis Younghusband – Patrick French knows nothing about the genuine history or culture of Tibet – despite both men having actually visited Tibet!

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