Ukrainian Nazis Disrupt a Communist Demonstration in Khreshchatyk (Kyiv) [7.11.2011]

By the way, the demonstration seemed to have been ‘banned’ by the Kyiv Courta, but the ban, as they say, was not “enforced” by the police and rightly so. Since when did the Ukrainian State start ‘banning’ Communists from marking traditional demonstrations? Why ‘ban’ the universally respected date of November 7th? Over the last 20 years, this has never happened once! It is like we are either living in a Fascist State – or slowing drifting into one!

USSR: Valentina Tereshkova (Валентина Терешкова) – First Woman in Space (1963) By Andrey SidorchikAiF (Андрей СидорчикАиФ) (2013)

Tereshkova, contrary to the opinion of experts, was personally chosen by Nikita Khrushchev, who liked the woman’s origin: Valentina’s parents were from a simple family. Her father worked as a tractor driver, he died in the Soviet-Finnish war, her mother worked at a textile factory. In addition, Valentina Tereshkova herself began her career at a weaving mill, where she became the secretary of the Komsomol. In this, she favourably differed from Ponomareva, who came from a family of engineers and had a Ph.D. in mathematics, and Solovieva, a famous athlete, and world champion in parachuting. Tereshkova also parachuted, but Solovieva, for example, had about 700 jumps by that time, whilst Tereshkova had less than a hundred. 

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Vladimir Zelensky (Владимир Зеленский) Praises Stepan Bandera! (19.4.2019)

For instance, Vladimir Zelensky is of ‘Jewish’ heritage (has have been a number of ‘key’ movers in the ‘Maidan’ movement), but to what extent he relates to the Jewish religion is not evident from his overtly ‘secular’ and ‘gentile’ lifestyle. Obviously, all right-minded Jewish people thoroughly ‘reject’ the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ movement because they know (probably more than anyone else) the historical lineage of this Hitlerite ideology! I was told by a Jewish Comrade, for instance, “There are no ‘ethnic’ Jews on Maidan Ukraine!” – and she is correct! Just as there are no disabled people and no LBGTQNB+ people and certainly no ‘trans’ people!