Academy Watch: Ukraine Appeal Protest – Preventing Local Schools in the UK Breaking ‘Impartiality’ Laws! (16.3.2022)

Below is a letter of complaint that I have constructed using my knowledge of the law. Of course, as there is a great deal of nepotism and corruption surrounding these entities – they will attempt to wriggle-out of the trap I have sent. This does not matter. What matters is that a ‘dated’ and ‘signed’ complaint has been provided in writing – thus generating a ‘legal’ document that an ‘Academy’ cannot afford to ignore! Do not be bullied into conforming to immoral or illegal acts committed by official bodies – particularly when they are trying to committ these acts in your name or the name’s of your children!

Israel Quietly Reverses Its Support for Neo-Nazi Ukrainians! (16.3.2022)

The Israeli government knows the truth about the Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime that has been operating in West Ukraine since 2014 – and does not want Neo-Nazis imported into the heart of its country – Jews or otherwise! Whilst Israelis dance with joy at each new announcement of Russian casualties – the Fascist State is concerned that another ‘toppling’ might be on the cards!