Email: The ‘Racist’ So-called ‘British Values’ Text – When Right-Wing Christianity Penetrates (and Compromises) the Secular Parliamentary Process! (11.4.2022)

This type of thinking has been spread throughout our privatised school (academy) system (Johnson banned any left-wing subjects due to the George Floyd riots in the UK – seeing the disruption not as a the product of a deep-rooted moral issue – but rather as deriving from the influence of disruptive left-wing ideology taught in the classrooms). The text was compiled during David Cameron’s tenure – an administration that was found guilty by the UN in 2016 for the deaths of at least 120,000 disabled and vulnerable people in the UK due to sudden cuts in Welfare, NHS and Social Services.

DPR: Lenin Square – Ukrainian ‘Terrorist’ Act Carried-Out Against Lenin Statue! (15.2.2016)

On the night of February 22, 2014, dozens of Donbass patriots stood up to defend the monument-symbol of the working-class Donetsk region and did not allow the Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) fascists to carry out the upcoming demolition of the monument! Communists and Progressive Socialists, anarchists and monarchists, workers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, law enforcement officers, veterans and student youth then stood in one line of defenders surrounding the monument to V.I. Lenin…!

Lugansk City Branch – Founding Conference – All-Union Communist Party of Lugansk! (27.9.2015)

The delegates established the Lugansk City Branch of the All-Union Communist Party of Lugansk and voted to chose candidates for its elected bodies. Secretary of the Central Committee of the SKL Yuriy Sinenko, on behalf of the Communists of the Lugansk region, presented the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Secretary of the Leningrad regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with the medal “For Humanitarian Assistance to Donbass”.


So, the Donetsk Communists informed their Lugansk associates about the work done to restore the structures of the Party and the Komsomol, about the help of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in training Party leaders. Lugansk communists got acquainted with interest with the experience of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DPR in the production of Party Cards and work on the revival of Pioneer Detachments. The Donetsk comrades were interested in the experience of Lugansk Party Members in working with supporters in the frontline Combat Units of the Republic.

1st Announcement of the All-Union Communist Party of Lugansk! (22.8.2015)

Honoured Militia Commanders, Defenders of Slavyansk, participants in the hostilities in Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, Deputies of the LPR Parliament of the 1st Convocation, Deputies of the Supreme Council of Novorossiya, Members of the First Government of the LPR, Communists who rallied to the avant-garde of the “Russian Spring” in Donbass and who stood in the front-ranks of the All-Union of Communists (absorbing the bullets of the fascists)!

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