MI Kalinin (М.И. Калинин) Guides My Hand (28.9.1942)

Stalingrad, that big city with historical fighting traditions, has for two months now held the enemy hordes at bay in bitter battle, inflicting such losses on them as have to all intents and purposes, stabilised the rest of the front. Here heroic deeds are a daily occurrence. This should be shown by citing facts, without indulging in rhetoric and loud phrases. Our men do not need a reporter’s praises – the best praise for them is a faithful account of their deeds.

India: Hilarious ‘BJP’ Anti-Russian Disinformation Video About Ukraine! (8.3.2022)

The ‘BJP’ fascist government has instructed its media in India to mimic the racist misrepresentation of Russia as perpetuated by the Western media! There is a very strong ‘comical’ element to it as it is so stupid and devoid of reality! Instead of mindlessly copying the West – the BJP government should be concentrating on feeding its starving population and rescuing the people from religious ignorance!