Neo-Nazi Lithuania Launches Legislative Attack on Ethnic Russian Symbols! (24.3.2022))

Those supporting Hitler and the Neo-Nazi ideology are ‘ignored’ if they display WWII-era symbology – although many of these regimes (which includes Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, etc), actively encourage their far-right populations to express their extremism through Nazi German symbols not ‘included’ in the ‘ban’! This is seen everywhere in ‘Maidan’ Ukraine as Ukrainian Army soldiers and the ‘Volunteers’ of the ‘Azov’ and ‘Aidar’ Battalions have been found to be carrying thousands of these supposedly ‘banned’ Nazi German Swastika or alternative Neo-Nazi symbols and flags! Lithuania is simply following the same old path of Neo-Nazi hypocrisy as a sign of ‘Solidarity’ with its Ukrainian Neo-Nazi brother – ‘Maidan’ Ukraine!

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