🔞Zelensky’s Volkssturm is Destroying the Ukrainian People! (14.2.2022)

The initial plan appears to include the ‘Liberation’ of the entire Eastern half of the Ukraine (including the capital of Kyiv) – and then probably to push Western with all three-fronts united as one as the Russian Army has to deal with what is left of the fanatical Ukrainian Armed Forces! Obviously, in Vasilkovo the only troops the Maidan had to spare for the task were old volunteers! If this carries-on – then Zelensky (and his Neo-Nazis) will be responsible for yet another War Crime! If he is captured by the Russians – he may well stand trial for the crimes of the Maidan regime committed between 2014-2022!

🔞The Glorious Fallen – Neo-Nazi Forces of Ukraine Defeated – City of Volnovakha ‘Liberated’… (12.3.2022)

Freedom of thought does not exist in the West – or you would be told that the Ukrainian men (and their ‘foreign’ colleagues) in the Neo-Nazi military formations (whose dead bodies you can see littered all over the ground) that ‘defended’ Volnovakha – all believed that that they were the ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’ descendants of the original (Catholic) Ukrainians who ‘volunteered’ to fight for the Nazi German occupiers of the USSR during WWII!

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