Freed Residents of Kherson Honour the Memory of Soviet Liberators From Fascism! (13.3.2022)

The citizens of Kherson have been taught for eight years that they should teach their children to relate to the Nazi Germany invaders during WWII and to demonise the USSR! Today, this Western-backed brainwashing came to an end! Following liberation from the Russian Army – the Red Flags were dusted off and were unfurled once again in fraternal friendship!

The Zionist Imperialism of Water – The Jewish Myth of a Blooming Garden in a Waterless Desert – from – Reprinted by Alexander Popov [Александр Попов] (14.7.2018) 

many in Israel are concerned that their country may well yet be held to account (legally if not militarily) by the world community if America is suitably discredited and weakened within the international community. The UN currently holds hundreds of War Crimes allegations lodged against Israel for its treatment of the Palestinian people – and murdered foreigners such as Rachel Corrie (crushed by a bulldozer). As and when America’s hegemony falls – pariah States such as ‘Zionist’ Israel will be held accountable for their ongoing and historical ‘fascistic’ crimes committed against the Palestinian people and their supporters!

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