Lugansk People’s Republic: Men of Military-Age (18-55) Must Stay and Fight! By Vadim Voloshin [Вадим Волошин] (18.2.2022)

According to the decision of the Government, from 16:00 today, the departure from the country of men in the mobilization reserve aged 18-55 is restricted. As far as I know, the DPR did the same,” the source said. Earlier, the head of the LPR, due to the escalation of tension on the line of contact, instructed the leaders of the territories of the Republic to ensure an organized evacuation of the rest of the vulnerable population (including the elderly, women, children and disabled, etc). In addition, he appealed to all men who are able to hold weapons in their hands, to stand up for their land and form an iron-wall against the expected onslaught of the Western-backed Neo-Nazis!

A Lack of Realism in Ukraine Has Led to the West Attempting to Take Control! By Alexey Belov [Алексей Белов] (6.3.2022) 

Kissinger, urged to leave Ukraine alone and make it a buffer, otherwise, sooner or later, the aggravation of relations with Moscow, transient into open confrontation, is inevitable. And so, it happened. Denying at one time Russia the right not only to zones of influence, but in general to be strong, the West miscalculated. And, having gone too far in his unbridled expansionism, he now faced (in not the best times for himself) the most severe resistance from Moscow and the need to reckon with Russian interests.

Vladimir Zhoga (Владимир Жога) – ‘Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic’! (5.3.2022)

“Today in Volnovakha, the Commander of the Separate Reconnaissance Battalion “Sparta” – Colonel Vladimir Zhoga – (call sign Vokha), died heroically. He was mortally wounded while ensuring the exit of civilians from this settlement. Scouts of “Sparta” covered the evacuation of civilians – mostly women and children – when the Nazis opened fire on them…,” Pushilin wrote on his Telegram Channel. Vladimir Zhoga was awarded the title of ‘Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic’

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