Controlling the Police Problem in Brazil! (8.6 2023)

The presence of Police has become an ever growing problem in modern, urban settings, but a radical ‘new’ Catholic-led initiative has been rolled-out on the streets of Brazil! Whereas local populations used to be harassed by the Police under the guise of maintaining ‘safety’ – now groups of heavily armed Church Committees (blessed by the Pope) – are never more than 15 minutes away! This is just  one of the benefits of the so-called ’15-minute cities’ that the political far-right is expanding so much energy upon confronting. The good news is that the average citizen is never more than an AR-15 away from complete and total safety!

Iraq: US Puppet Government Gets to the Bottom of Suspicious ‘Mall’ Fire! (20.5.2023)

A substantial fire broke out in a (US-style) shopping mall (designed for us by rich Iraqis and their US friends) in the western Hamzah District in the (exclusive) Babil Governorate. A government spokesperson has confirmed that the fire broke out because of ‘envy’ – that is the ‘poor’ started this fire because they ‘resent’ those who now have money!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: Ta Bin Hydroelectricity Company – Pak Bang -Donates Vital Supplies to Local Villages! (11.4.2023)

The company realized that a number of people in Champa Village are still very poor – and motivated by Buddhist-Socialist morality – they mobilized all the company’s employees to contribute both materials and resources!

This included clothes, shoes, soccer balls, baskets of food and learning materials such as pens and writing books, etc. On the occasion of the handing over the donations to the village Administration – the person in charge of the company pointed out that the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease has created difficulties for the lives of ordinary people. Seeing this difficulty, the company, which has been investing in Laos for more than 10 years, wanted to contribute to the socio-economic (Socialist) development of Laos society!

France: Operation Orion 23 – NATO’s Anti-Working-Class Plan! (16.3.2023) 

This is the essence of Operation Orion 23! French Defence Minister Sebastian Lecorneau said that this US-demanded simulation of major battles will involve traditional land, sea and air theatres of conflict – but will also penetrate new areas – such as cyberspace, space and the information environment. The exercises are designed to prepare the French Armed Forces to work as part of a multinational joint force in a multi-domain operation against any and all left-wing, anti-fascist and Pro-Russian uprising anywhere in Europe! President Biden congratulated the NATO planners and organisers – stating that Russia must be shown that its aggression in Donbass will not win – and anyone supporting Russia in the West will face the consequences!  

Sweden Discards More Covid-19 Vaccines – Than Available Throughout Developing World! (13.2.2023)

Bloggers Note: The US has decreed that no country in Europe (including Ireland and the UK) – will import, distribute or use any Covid-19 vaccines produced in ‘Socialist’ countries (such as China, North Korea or Cuba, etc), or from any designated ‘Unfriendly’ regimes such as modern Russia, Furthermore, included in this act of fascist dominance, the US has also decreed that NO ONE who has already received any of these ‘alien’ vaccines is allowed to travel into the US or the European Zone – without first agreeing to take a Covid-19 vaccination developed in the US, UK or EU! This means that although China has offered to donate millions of Covid-19 vaccines to the poorers countries – threatened US economic and military Sanctions against these countries (which defines the acceptance of such donations as constituting a ‘terrorist’ act) prevents ordinary people from benefitting from Chinese medical Socialism! Meanwhile, Sweden demonstrates this ‘Bourgeois’ decadence by disposing of over eight million doses so as to preserve the predatory capitalist system! ACW (13.2.2023)

NHS: UK MidWives Fail to Support Strike Action!

This result allows the Tory government to carrying-on its privatisation plan and implement a US-style insurance healthcare scheme that only cares for the rich and punishes the poor and disabled for being ill! Sad news! What follows is the standard email sent to all Union Members of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) explaining this tragic result. Remember the Tories clapping, cheering and stamping their feet after the UK Parliament voted down a 1% payrise after thousands of frontline NHS Staff had died fighting Covid-19 – because the same Tory government had refused to provide effective PPE. Gee survived because our Comrades in the Communist Party of China – when they heard about how the Tory Party was killing its own NHS Staff – felt compelled to send us a free supply of face masks for Gee to wear at work!

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