New Zealand: Victor Penny Experiments – Real or Imaginery? (15.5.2023)

Blogger’s Note: From what I can gather from assessing the available historical data, this story seems to involve some type of ‘wireless’ communication – which was unheard off during the 1930s! Of course, scientists in the USSR were making great scientific strides in theory and practice – whilst the Hitlerites in Nazi Germany were busy combining ‘myth’, ‘occultism’ ‘pseudo-science’ and far-right political ideology! Hitler was in power by early 1933 – but Mussolini had been in charge of a ‘Fascist’ Italy since 1922 (supported by the Vatican)! Far-right (racist) pseudo-science did abound involving strange weapons and odd-shaped flying machines! The Nazi Germans would eventually design workable jet fighters, guided missiles, advanced radio-communications and modern assault rifles, etc, as well as perfect scientific methods of mass extermination! WWII would come and go, and World Fascism would be defeated by the USSR, China, the USSR, the UK and the US – crushing Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Hungary (and many others)! I know nothing about the politics of ‘Victor Penny’ – but I hear that he may have been working for (or with) ‘foreign’ governments! It seems that the New Zealand government did once finance these supposed experiments prior to 1935. What is known is that Victor Penny was a renowned radio enthusiast – but this does not mean that he had developed a supernatural ‘death ray’! ACW (15.5.2023)

Newspapers & Gazettes Browse The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954) Fri 20 March 1936 – Page 24 – WORKING IN SECRECY


Mystery Surrounds Inventor.
AUCKLAND, March 19.— In Jane last
Victor Penny, a garage attendant, was
assaulted while on duty at bis garage,
and was sent to hospital. Penny’s bouse
was subsequently closely guarded, as it
contained apparatus with which he was
conducting wireless experiments.
After his discharge from hospital, Penny
literally vanished. He did not even
return horne.

It is now revealed that he has been
continuing his experiments in great secrecy
on Somes Island, Wellington, under
a close military guard. The Invention on
which Penny is working is considered to
be so important that unprecedented steps
have been taken, not only to preserve
secrecy, but to avert even the possibility
of any interference with him.

The nature of the invention is known
to very few people in New Zealand, but it
is believed that like several inventors in
Europe, he hopes to be able to prove to
the satisfaction of tbe defence authorities
that he can project a powerful electric
current in the form of an invisible ray,
without wires, to stop men or aeroplanes
and paralyse transport. Experiments
with this object are said to have been
partly successful over a short distance.
Penny has now left the island, but is
continuing his work secretly.

Death Ray