Russia: Bonnie & Clyde Celebrate 77th Year of Victory Over Fascism! (10.5.2022)

I am not an expert of the biographies of these two professional gangsters from the Great Depression era of 1930s America! The US economy was only saved by the full mobilisation of the population for military service and industrial output for war! If this had not happened, capitalism in 1930s America looked like it was in terminal decline! The wealth WWII generated for the US, coupled with its armies occupying and taking lands overseas, ensured the US would becime a world power post-1945! Bonnie and Clyde, of course, both died together in a hail of police Bullets in and 1934 – a year after Hitler came to power – although Mussolini had been in power since 1922!

Putin News: Sanctions Set to Return USSR! 

He is referring to the ‘fascist’ regime that administered Poland from 1930-1939, and which was a firm ally of Hitler. This Polish ‘fascist’ regime granted Hitler’s famous propaganda Minister – Josef Goebbels – a State Visit during June, 1934 and then within a month (July 12th 1934), the Poles had constructed (ironically, upon the site of an on old Russian Army Barracks) and opened the world’s first ‘Concentration Camp’ situated in Bereza (in East Poland). The purpose of this camp was to ‘process’ and ‘eradicate’ all ethnic Russian people living in East Poland. (East Poland had been ‘Russian’ up until a right-wing Polish Army seized the area in 1920). The Polish people were only rescued from this Polish ‘fascism’ in 1939 – with the arrival of the Soviet Red Army!

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