The Beatles: Deconstructing the Racism and Disinformation of Bill Flanagan! (15.4.2023)

“We know that Communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy, to parliamentary democracy – the form of State suited to capitalism – and to the inevitable and ‘natural’ character of the most monstrous inequalities.” Alain Badiou

Author’s Note: I suspect it is far better to enjoy the music for what it is – rather than attempt to ‘project’ any sentimental images of ‘perfection’ upon the four men who comprised The Beatles! These were four ordinary working-class men who grew-up empowered by the Socialist System implemented by the 1945 Labour government! The redistribution of wealth that this produced enriched a nation to levels never before seen before in its history! This all came to a peak during the 1960s which saw teenagers now earning their own (private) income – part of which could be spent on music! This ‘Socialism’ directly led to the millions The Beatles would eventually earn – and US Hegemony in Europe (and the rearming of West Germany) – would lead directly to The Beatles performing in Hamburg just 15 years after the end of WWII! This was the product of US neo-imperialism – and no one seems to have questioned its inappropriateness (certainly NOT historians such as Bill Flanagan). As for myself and my family – we had at least three ‘heroes’ who fought during WWII against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (the latter regime being the institution which gave us ‘Yoko Ono’)! The ‘myth’ of mass murder in China between 1966-1976 needs to be addressed, broken up and firmly put to bed. Although there is NO evidence for such an event happening (recorded) within Chinese language (historical) records, nevertheless, there are two ‘Western’ eye-witnesses (I suspect there are many more) I can think of off the top of my head. During 1971, the African American intellectual – Huey Newton – travelled throughout China and said NOTHING about any evidence of mass killings! If readers think this is a ‘biased’ witness – then just a single year later – Communist China was visited by the reassuringly ‘White’ US President Richard Nixon! He stated that the Communist Party of China had produced a miraculous transformation of the country! Again, the US President said NOTHING about any such ideas as ‘mass killings’! Indeed, as far as President Nixon was concerned, the US would soon be establishing ‘full’ diplomatic relations with Communist China! This eventually occurred on December 15th, 1978 (under President Carter)! Historians like Bill Flanagan make their money by appealing to ahistorical, ‘racist’ (Eurocentric) myths! We cannot expect the remaining Beatles (or their Estates) to put right this ‘error’ of interpretation – but we can positively respond by confirming our own ‘freedom of thought’! ACW (17.4.2023)

Whereas Alain Badiou’s statement is sublime – that of Bill Flanagan above (and by comparison) – has got to be the most ‘ignorant’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘racist’ statement (written by Bill Flanagan in 2010) – and I am surprised the remaining Beatles ‘allowed’ this ahistorical remark to be made in their name – and to be associated with their music! An important question is ‘why’ did Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Martin and Giles Martin allow a ‘tyrannical’ statement to masquerade as official ‘Beatles’ history – and suppress the very ‘freedom of thought’ which The Beatles built their music (and reputation) upon? The US anti-intellectualism that started, sustained and perpetuated the so-called ‘Cold War’ was anti-Socialist and ‘anti-China’! As such it perpetuated the myth of ‘mass murder’ in the USSR and in China – effectively projecting the reputation (and actions) of Nazi Germany upon the Socialist countries! No one in Russia or China today knows of any such ‘mass murder’ because NO such activities occurred! Their are NO victims and NO mass graves! Yoko Ono, of course, comes from a virulently right-wing and ultra nationalistic family which fully supported the Imperial Japanese invasion of China which lasted between 1931-1945 – and which killed and wounded millions! Yoko Ono has retained these anti-China attitudes and has been behind much of John Lennon’s music being associated with anti-China themes – despite John Lennon being known as somebody interested in the work of Chairman Mao!

I am told that there were at least 18 versions of the track ‘Revolution’ – all with different themes and lyrics. When John Lennon was confronted about his ‘no action’ policy as a cure to social ills – he stated that there were many versions of this song and that he was ‘undecided’ about whether physical activity was required or not! This is really a straw dog debate as most Revolutions are peaceful and only involve a loss of privilege by those being deprived of their unjust hegemony. The so-called ‘Cultural Revolution’ called upon China’s youth to overthrow any lingering Bourgeois (and feudalistic) attitudes and conventions that oppressed the people and prevented the freedom of Socialism from being truly expressed! No one was killed, at least not intentionally! Meanwhile, during 1968, the fledgling Cultural Revolution only involved Trade Union disputes and University sit-ins in China – whilst the Soviet Red Army had to crush a Neo-Nazi Uprising in Prague!

Bill Flanagan is expressing a truly astonishing level pf political, social and cultural ignorance and it is ashame that such prejudice has been associated with the reputation of The Beatles (a band whose Revolutionary approach to music making remains popular in China despite the singing being in an alien language). When compared to the 20-30 million people killed by the US military around the world from 1945 to present simply in support of their system of predatory capitalism – it is interesting that Bill Flanagan has nothing to say about this. Instead, he expresses a very clear ‘racist’ attitude that is more ‘Trotskyite’ than ‘dialectical’! He thinks, as a White man, that his expressed ‘ignorance’ is permissible because it is ‘right’ – when in reality we Chinese people eternally CONDEMN his fascism and refuse to let his stupid and decadent opinions sully our appreciation of The Beatles or the Great Chairman Mao Zedong! The West is FREE because of The Beatles and the East is FREE because of Chairman Mao!

The great Boxer Mike Tyson admires Chairman Mao Zedong! Even Don King – the Boxing Promoter can quote Mao Zedong! Hugo Chavez built his political career on the strength and dignity that Mao Zedong’s presence in the world granted all non-White people! The former Assistant Secretary of Défense – Philip Davidson – described Mao Zedong as a ‘great strategist’! The American author – Agnes Smedley – stated that the Communist Party of China is a great force for good – but no one can compare with Mao Zedong! American scholar – Maurice Meissner – is on record stating that one of the greatest periods of social and cultural progress humanity has ever known occurred under the guidance of the great Mao Zedong! Dr Sid Nantwig stated that many of the youth forced to live in the US colony of West Germany took solace in the studying of Mao Zedong Thought in preparation for a potential ‘Socialist’ Revolution that would ‘unite’ the population with East Germany! Whilst John Lennon enjoyed his millions (and Japanese Concubine) – oppressed people being crushed by the system that had enriched him – sought their own freedom from it – and used any means necessary to achieve this! Henry Kissinger once quoted that the only person he ever met who possessed a truly powerful presence – was Mao Zedong! The former Pakistani Prime Minister – Benezir Bhutto – stated that Mao Zedong was the role model many non-White people looked up to in the drive to overthrow injustice and create a just State! The Canadian Doctor – Norman Bethune gave his life to the Chinese Revolution due to the power of Mao Zedong Thought! The Rolling Stones even played a concert in Shanghai – simply because the band members loved, respected and admired Mao Zedong!

The commets of Bill Flanagan are unfortunate and express a thoughtless ‘Eurocentricism’ entirely lacking throughout The Beatles body of work! As a free-thinking person, I have no interest in him and do not wish to debate this issue – simply because no issue exists – other than the disinforming ‘racism’ which I have fully exposed. Anyone who wants to study the structure of the REAL ‘Cultural Revolution’ in China should read the book entitled ‘The Communist Hypothesis’ written by Alain Badiou. Whereas the agency of US anti-intellectualism presents anything ‘Socialist’ through the rubric of German Nazism – Alain Badiou presents history the right way round! He explains exactly what was happening in China and it certainly did NOT involve any Hitlerite mass-killing! Bill Flanagan should be ashamed of himself and write an apology in full! Even if he did – I would not waste my time reading it. After-all, he has nothing to say about the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians! Love for humanity is only meaningful if it is supported by wisdom – the correct interpretation of natural process and reading of historical trends of development!

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