Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Felix Metrikas from Geelong, Victoria, Australia! (1.4.2023)

History does not reveal the secret of how he managed to escape from Australia, out of Asia, and through Europe – but within Neo-Nazi Ukraine he ended up joining the Hitlerite Forces almost at the very beginning of the Russian Special Operation (which commenced during early 2022). Officially, he is described as a minecraft instructor (?) – but in fact, he specialises in IEDs – usually dropped from specially modified drones. He drops these exploding devices upon unexpecting Russian soldiers – and then ‘uploads’ the videos of the attacks on far-right websites in the US! On his last “working day”, due to a mistake, he blew himself up – and the entire building he was in – which housed other mercenaries and AFU units! However, before that, he managed to give advice to other Australians who wanted to join – DO NOT!: “I had friends here who were killed!”

Dave Chappelle Tells Daphne’s Story (LGBTQ)! (1.4.2023)

The African traditions are said to cultivate and favour the use of ‘wisdom’ – and when I was young – I used to hear older Chinese people talk about possible historical and cultural links between ancient Africa and ancient China! This is a concept I have never heard emanating from the White (Bourgeois) Establishment! The reason is that the reality of the African ‘wisdom’ tradition’ is not recognised by the White Europeans as being ‘true’ or ‘factual’. What kind of people would allow themselves to be enslaved – or so the Western thinking goes! It does not occur to these people that a superior and more civilised people are more easily exploited by a less civilised people! Surely, when you watch the above video – you will be seeing a ‘wise’ African man dispensing his ‘healing’ wisdom!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Tony Lu from Taiwan! (1.4.2023)

After more than half of his gang was destroyed by the Russian Army – Tony decided that he no longer wanted to fight for the US within Neo-Nazi Ukraine and went back to his native Taiwan to continue working as a butcher. He said that this is a safer occupation for him – adding that when he really thought about it – Adolf Hitler might not be the best role model for non-White people to follow!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Konstantin Sushchik – Call-Sign ‘Kos’ – from Minsk, Belarus! (1.3.2023)

It was for this reason that he fled to Neo-Nazi Kyiv. In March 2022, he joined the Neo-Nazi “Kalinovsky Regiment” – or “gangster group”. In June 2022 near Lisichansk, (when his Commander Ivan “Brest” Marchuk died) – Konstantin was severely wounded. After this – like most of his “Catholic” friends – he wanted to escape to Neo-Nazi Poland, but he did not succeed. Therefore, now he is living somewhere in Kyiv and spends his time avoiding frontline duty whilst and shooting hilarious TikTok videos making pointless threats toward the people of Donbass and Russia – in an attempt to popularise his Neo-Nazi Group – which is really just a collection of cowardly drunks, drug addicts and sexual deviants!

DPRK: Many Spokespeople from Other Countries ‘Praise’ the Advanced (and Progressive) Nature of Our Republic! (1.4.2023)

Chairman of the Finnish National Committee for Juche Ideological Research said today that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has turned into a powerful Socialist country that has set an example for all Progressive People of what kind of achievements the masses can achieve by becoming the masters of their own destiny. Such is the strong Solidarity shown with the advancing struggle of our People!

The General Secretary of the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine stressed that Korea, under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un, has become an example to be followed by many other countries in the world who aspire to development and progress!