Film: Everything Everywhere All At Once! (15.4.2023)

Vacuous nonsense disguised as a migrant success story – that happens to possess gay elements. The point is that it is all false. US anti-intellectualism possesses no right to define the suffering it induces within the minds and bodies of non-White people – or to impose a gay narrative where none exists. White people – gay or not – possess no right to disguise the reality of the psychological and physical pain it causes by superimposing an ‘exotic’ mode of sexual experimentation onto the (foreign) bodies of those it seeks to control. It makes no difference as to whether the sexual activity is gay or straight – or within which imaginary universe it seems to originate!

I am surprised a greater number of Chinese people have not been more vocal in its condemnation of this (anti-China) film – mesmerised as they have been by the White Establishment granting an award (throwing a scrap from their high table) to a woman of Chinese descent – simply because she was chosen to play a part originally slated for Jackie Chan (who seems to have instinctively sensed the need to steer clear). Enforced Eurocentric narratives of gayness upon non-European people is a continuation of the crimes of White imperialism.

The bodies (and minds) of non-White people belong to the individuals concerned and are not the play things of a group of non-Asian people who have possessed an unjust dominance in the world! An enforced gayness imposed upon the minds and bodies of migrants is nothing but a fascistic crime which the non-white victims are supposed to applaud because those doing the ‘forcing’ decide to grant Michelle Yeoh an Award! Genuine gay people should be condemning this film for the racism it exhibits and the cartoon-like gayness it portrays! No one comes out of this looking good. What makes it all worse is that Hollywood has fabricated a pathetic wave of critical acclaim – when all I see is nothing but shame. I support the Islamic countries for banning it! Thank you Saudi Arabia and Kuwait! Chinese people do not support arbitrary violence or the defiance of authority!