A Lack of Realism in Ukraine Has Led to the West Attempting to Take Control! By Alexey Belov [Алексей Белов] (6.3.2022) 

Kissinger, urged to leave Ukraine alone and make it a buffer, otherwise, sooner or later, the aggravation of relations with Moscow, transient into open confrontation, is inevitable. And so, it happened. Denying at one time Russia the right not only to zones of influence, but in general to be strong, the West miscalculated. And, having gone too far in his unbridled expansionism, he now faced (in not the best times for himself) the most severe resistance from Moscow and the need to reckon with Russian interests.

Grunya Sukhareva (Груня Сухарева) [1891-1981] – Forgotten Soviet Pioneer of ‘Autism’ Research (1925) 

everal years. During her lifetime, Sukhareva opened such schools all over the country. However, its influence and authority did not go beyond Soviet borders, which was the result of political and language barriers. Only a small part of the Soviet research of that time was translated into other languages, very often it was German rather than English. Although her work of 1925 was translated into German the following year, the translation was unsuccessful, even the name of the author of the work was distorted as “Ssuchareva”. The work was translated into English only in 1996, 15 years after Sukhareva’s death, when Sula Wolff, a British psychiatrist, stumbled upon it. 

Declassified: Official Soviet Losses During the Great Patriotic War Amount to Nearly 42 million (1941-1945)

As a result, partial statistics were given-out which were ‘correct’ from a particular context. As no one had access to the total number except a trusted few – the onus was all about a rapid reconstruction of the Soviet infrastructure (including the building of houses and the caring for the millions of people missing limbs and who had been made disabled etc), and a military preparation for an unprovoked attack from the US and their allies! All this was going on whilst the Soviet Space Programme was developing the technology which would soon shock the world – all under the guidance of the ‘elected’ General Secretary – Joseph Stalin – the last great leader the USSR would have!

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