US: 1947 Texas City Explosion – Worse Than Chernobyl! (15.5.2023)

The Texas City Explosion – or ‘Disaster’ – refers to a chain of chemical reactions that caused a number of devastating explosions! These tragic events unfolded on April 16th, 1947 – when a fire ignited a shipment of ‘ammonium nitrate’ stored on a cargo vessel moored in Texas City’s harbour of Galveston Bay! The explosion killed about 600 people and injured more than 3,500! The ship’s anchor was propelled over 1.6 miles away and a vast area of Texas resembled the destroyed terrain of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – after the US dropping of two Atomic Bombs during late 1945! The devastation was so widespread that it wiped-out the local Fire Brigade and destroyed all ‘four’ of its Fire Engines! Although there have been many (and numerous) sinister ‘nuclear’ accidents throughout US history – this explosion is considered one of the worst in history (similar to the Beirut explosion of 2020) and more initially destructive than the Chernobyl nuclear accident that occured in the USSR during 1986!

USSR: Western Cold War Deception and the Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb Incident! (10.5.2023) 

Between 1947-1956, Lionel Crabb (as an expert ‘Civilian’ Diver) was often contracted by the British government to take part in various clandestine (and hazardous) duties involving ‘spying’ and the ‘recovery’ of sensitive materials and/or individuals, etc. Much of this clandestine activity involved him gathering sensitive data relating to Soviet submarine and shipping design – as the Americans were worried about why it was that the Soviet Red Navy was producing vastly superior ships at a fraction of the cost. This explains why the British MI6 recruited Crabb (in 1956) to explore the bottom of the Soviet Cruiser named ‘Ordzhonikidze’ (Орджоникидзе). At this time, the Head of the USSR – Nikita Khrushchev (and – N. A. Bulganin) was on board the Cruiser – which was making a ‘Good Will’ diplomatic visit to Portsmouth (situated on the South Coast of the UK) – during which time the British government had given its word that there would be ‘no spying’. According to ‘Spycatcher’ author Peter Wright – Crabb was sent to investigate the propeller-system of the Soviet Cruiser despite this ‘Agreement’ – the new design of which the British Naval Intelligence wanted to know. On April 19th, 1956, Crabb dived into Portsmouth Harbour – and was never seen alive again. Crabb’s roommate at the hotel quickly ‘removed’ all his belongings and tore-out the ‘Guest Registration’ page bearing the names of ‘Crabb’ and himself as he left! Ten days later, on 29th April 1956, the British Admiralty announced that Crabb had ‘disappeared’ whilst on ‘Assignment’ at Portsmouth.

Xinhua Commentary: On China, Washington “Can’t Have it Both Ways”! (27.4.2023)

In the immediate days following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and the United States enjoyed a honeymoon period. The Charter for American-Russian Partnership and Friendship signed by the two sides in 1992 said “the well-being, prosperity, and security of a democratic Russian Federation and the United States of America are vitally interrelated.” However, things changed when Washington failed to provide Kremlin with the promised economic aid and NATO expanded despite Washington’s promise that the bloc would move “not one inch eastward.” This was unacceptable to Russia, and the ensuing deterioration of Moscow-Washington ties was only natural.

Deep down, America had never intended to treat Russia with respect even though Western-style democratic elections took place in the country. Ideology is just an instrument to intervene.

For Beijing, Washington’s condescending diplomacy is unacceptable. If Washington truly wants a workable relationship with China, it should treat China as an equal partner and show due respect.

World Insights: Toxic Friendship — How Washington Exploits Ukraine Crisis to Shackle Europe! (27.4.2023)

If the EU wants to be a viable actor in the emerging world order and not merely an appendage of a superpower, “it must be able to protect itself instead of relying on outside help for its security,” and “force strategic independence from the United States to ensure its political survival,” British political analyst Thomas O. Falk wrote in an opinion piece published by the South China Morning Post.

Vowing to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian,” the U.S.-led NATO has gone to all lengths to fool Ukrainians into acting as a bridgehead for suppressing its neighbor and has driven, step by step, its so-called ally Europe to the dangerous quagmire of warfares and crises.

With no end in sight to the fighting in Ukraine, the EU has become financially exhausted with the drawn-out conflict on its doorstep, Modern Diplomacy magazine commented on its website, stressing that it is certainly not the first time Washington has tricked the international community into a war.

“This is while the United States, sitting across the pond, watching on and observing, is making huge profits,” it added.

US Accusations Against China in Latest Report are Nothing but Fabrications! (18.4.2022)

It needs to be stressed that the U.S. is merely chasing shadows and its accusations against China in this report are nothing but fabrications, he added.

Wang noted that in international arms control and nonproliferation, China is committed to multilateralism and has always upheld the international system with the UN at its core and the international order based on international law and faithfully fulfilled its international obligations and commitments. China has actively participated in the review process of the NPT, the BWC and the CWC, started the domestic procedure to ratify the UN’s Firearms Protocol, and promoted the negotiation process for a legal instrument on arms control in space, he said.

With these concrete steps, China has contributed insight and solution to upholding the international arms control and nonproliferation system and safeguarding world peace, he added.

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