The US Bucket List! (10.4.2023)

The routine ownership of fire-arms is ‘banned’ in most Western Europe countries! What is interesting is that the rebelling American government in the 1770s attempted to ‘militarise’ it’s British population against its rightful (elected) London government by overturning King Henry VIII’s (16th century) general ban on private weapon ownership. The King had dissolved the ownership of private armies as part of the dismantling of the feudal system and as a security against his fellow nobles launching an armed coup against his leadership! From that time onwards, the only military force allowed in the UK has been the British Army controlled by the Crown – and then after Cromwell (in the 17th century) Parliament. However, during the 18th century the British government was afraid of invasion by the French and for a time a law was in effect which allowed Local Militias to be formed – manned by the good and the well-off who could afford to pay for their own uniforms, pistols, muskets and training, etc. Interestingly, this law was active during the American War of Independence and it could be that the American rebels got the idea of arming their population from the British policy of preparing it’s homeland population to meet the threat of Napoleon.

Palestine: Maher Al-Taher – The Zionist “Ben Ghafir” (Neo-Nazi) Militia is a Direct Threat to Our People in the Stolen Lands of Post-1948! (3.4.2023)

He pointed out that the Zionist Occupation Forces are experiencing a deep existential crisis – and wants to cover-up its ever-increasing internal contradictions and crises – by escalating external terrorism against the Palestinian people.
He called on all the free people of our nation and all the forces, parties, political activitist and unions to take serious action to expose and confront these aggressive Zionist measures, and all the free people of the world and the progressive parties and forces in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America to isolate the racist Zionist entity and condemn its fascist practices against the Palestinian people!

California: Two Mass Shootings in Three Days Involving Asian Community! (27.1.2023) 

Huu Can Tran’s killing spree was just one of two mass shootings that occurred in California within three-days that involved the Asian community of the US! (In the US the term ‘Asian’ refers to Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and Filipino, etc, whereas in the UK the term ‘Asian’ refers to what Americans call ‘East Indians’). On the afternoon of January 23rd (2023), a shooting occurred in the Half Moon Bay area of San Francisco Bay, California, USA. This incident killed at least seven people and seriously injuring one.  

According to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, at around 2:22 p.m. that day – four victims were found dead in the 12700 block of Cabrillo Highway – with another victim taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Later, three more victims were found dead at another location in the area. The report revealed that the suspect in the shooting was one – Zhao Chun Li – a 67-year-old Half Moon Bay resident. He was arrested at around 16:40 on the same day after the police found weapons in his car. Half Moon Bay District Councilman Debbie Rudock said – according to NBC – the victims of the mass shooting were Asian labourers working on the nearby farm. At present, there is no known motive for these killings, but this is the second mass killing in three days in California involving Asian perpetuators and Asian victims!