Film: Triangle of Sadness! (16.4.2023)

Author’s Note: Marx and Engels developed the theory of Scientific Socialism. This dialectically explains how the society of capitalist society will evolve in a Socialist Society (where the Proletariat will assume control of the means of production) and then will further evolve into a ‘Communist’ Society ‘free’ of all past limitations! This last phase is ‘unknowable’ given contemporary conditionality. However, according to Marx (and Engels) ‘Communism’ is inevitable! Therefore, a ‘Marxist’ is both a ‘Socialist’ and ‘Communist’! It is an exercise in constructing a false dichotomy when a Trotskyite suggests that they are a ‘Marxist’, a ‘Socialist’ – but NOT a ‘Communist’! A typical exponent of this corrupt thinking in the UK can be found in the person of ‘Tariq Ali’ – with a typical marker being that of ‘anti-China’ racism! Having made all this clear, I still recommend that everyone watch this drama if possible as it expresses some very interesting comments upon ‘race’ and ‘class’! Dolly De Leon is an absolute star! White people must understand the power they (we) possess in ordinary life – a power and status which non-White simply do not possess! ACW (15.4.2023) 

There Is No Difference Between Marxism and Communism!

I used to watch dramas similar to this during the 1970s on the BBC – and although the BBC is a co-sponsor – I doubt this would be shown on that Corporation today! This would explain why it appeared on ‘Prime’ – the Amazon streaming service. The US actor – Woody Haroldson – who refers to himself as a ‘Marxist’ but not a ‘Communist’. This means that he understands and agrees with the work of Marx and Engels – but rejects the work of VI Lenin. In other words, he accepts the 19th century interpretation whilst rejecting everything that happened during the 20th century (what the BBC used to refer to as the ‘People’s Century’). This is very much the product of Trotskyite thinking which tries to hammer an artificial wedge between Marx and Lenin. Trotskyites attempt two different sleights of hands. The first rejects the work of Lenin outright – whilst the second ludicrously suggests that ‘Trotsky’ is the only genuine ideological descendant of Lenin! As the Trotskyites have failed to achieve any single Revolution anywhere in the world – both of these bizarre and ahistorical arguments become crashing down!  

The Exposure Of Fascistic US Foreign Policy!

In America, a number of leftist academics (such as Howard Zinn) have adopted the Trotskyite stance of supporting Marx whilst rejecting Lenin! This allows these despicable individuals to associate themselves with Marx (at least ‘academically’) whilst still being seen to support the US foreign policy of overtly ‘rejecting’ the Soviet Union and any subsequent Revolution that emanated from it! This allows ‘Marx’ to be lifted out of the very historical materialism through which he explained his theory – and serves to ‘isolate’ him to a certain time and space – one limited definition of history which is relatively free of post-1917 and post-1945 US scorn, anti-intellectualism and military threats! After 1945, for instance, supporting the ‘Communist’ cause (that is supporting Lenin) was a very dangerous activity in the United States – just ask the Rosenbergs who were ‘executed’ for their political beliefs during 1953 – at a time when US, UK and EU armies were suffering horrendous defeats upon the battlefields of Korea! 

This drama possesses interesting dialogue and is an exploration of social class and bourgeois excess. A Philippines ‘Toilet Cleaner’ ends-up as being the only member of a shipwrecked crew and guest from a luxury liner who can fish, cook and provide food for the group! This woman (played by Dolly De Leon) assumes control of the group and starts to ‘dictate’ how thing will be. The Writer and Director – Ruben Ostlund – seems to also be following a reactionary (Trotskyite) line by suggesting that when the workers assume power (by controlling the means of production) they become as corrupt and despotic as the Bourgeoisie they have overthrown! This is, of cause, a Bourgeois myth. The Proletariat assumption of power and the application of Marxist-Leninism would not involve the newly freed workers impersonating the despotic class and system they have just usurped. Joseph McCabe, throughout his numerous books, has proven that this false idea is very much a Catholic troupe designed to justify and encourage right-wing regimes! Indeed, regimes very similar totthat of the Marcos Dictatorship in the Philippines – or the US (Catholic) colony that was South Vietnam. What the workers must do is think for themselves!  

Fuck Capitalism! Love the Working Class!