Why ‘Fascism’ is Favoured by the Roman Catholic Church! (20.3.2023) 

The ‘Canon Law’ of the Roman Catholic Church is separated into two parts – one section designated as ‘Private’ and the other version as ‘Public’. The ‘Private’ version is designed to regulate the personal behaviour of individual Catholics – this is comprised of various Pontifications (gathered over centuries) regarding how Catholic people should ‘correctly’ interact with one other, how non-Catholics should be treated and how the State should be accommodated, etc. This ‘Private’ version of the Canon Law is premised upon the need for personal ‘discipline’ and is often made publicly available by the Catholic Church – being translated into various other languages from (the original Latin). This ‘Private’ version of the ‘Canon Law’ essentially mirrors the morality of Jesus Christ as contained in the (three) synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and the substantially ‘different’ but ‘fourth’ gospel of ‘John’ (all four texts forming the ‘Canonical’ gospels). On the face of it, this gives a very ‘false’ impression of how the Roman Catholic Church operates – implying that the attributes of ‘toleration’, ‘compassion’ and ‘wisdom’ are used by the Pope to direct ALL Catholic interaction! 

What the Catholic Church keeps safely hidden behind the scenes is the ‘Public’ version of the Canon Law (a text seldom discussed in the open) – a different and very separate text which explains how the ‘Church’ (as a distinct ‘body politique’) is expected to operate when interfacing with other States (both ‘Catholic’ and ‘non-Catholic’) – and how the Church (and its hierarchical and top-down power structures) is designed only to acquire and retain political power, to gain and control as much wealth as possible and secure as much land as is available! This totalitarian attitude is embodied in the theological assumption that the Catholic Church represents the most perfect example of a State on Earth – and that all other States, (either ‘Catholic’ or ‘non-Catholic’) are required to subordinate themselves to the authority of the Pope! According to Joseph McCabe – a former Catholic ‘monk’ and ‘priest’ – most ordinary priests and monastics possess very little knowledge of the reality of the ‘Public’ version of the Canon Law, as they are too busy attempting to apply the strictures of self-discipline contained in the ‘Private’ version – which advocates personal ‘poverty’ and ‘humility’! 

Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church – as a distinct’ political entity – exists within the physical world much like any modern ‘capitalist’ State which continuously seeks to enhance its status, wealth, authority and power! Whilst ordinary Catholics are directed to live lives of abject poverty (giving all their wealth to the Church) – the Church itself strives to suppress, control and usurp all other States in the name of ‘God’! The Church itself amasses ‘wealth’ – whilst those people it controls are drained and deprived of a) all their material wealth, and b) all their psychological and emotional self-determination. This is reflected in the Catholic Church preferring societies administered by ‘absolute monarchies’ – political systems which the Pope can manipulate and control. A policy that ironically ‘evolved’ during the 19th centuries through the actions of Pope Gregory XVI (who banned ‘freedom of conscience for Catholics’ in 1832) and Pope Pius IX (who added in 1862 the added limitation of the Catholic Church preferring an ‘unbridled’ monachal rule). This ecclesiastic roller-coaster ride toward the divination of fascism would continue into the 20th century – where the rapid unfolding of historical events would see the Catholic Church (under Pope Pius Xi and XII) openly collaborate with the likes of Mussolini, Franco and Hitler, etc, adopting the position of Church ‘toleration’ toward all ‘fascist’ and ‘far-right’ regimes! A fascist regime is in reality a secular version of an absolute monarchy – which is a ‘mirroring’ entity usually formed (and controlled) by a single individual who has risen-up from the general population! 

What is important to the Catholic Church is the top-down power structure that a fascist State offers the Pope. This is a ‘direct’ line of decisive communication between God’s representative upon Earth – and the general population he controls or seeks to control (and influence) – free of any hindering ‘democratic’ devices and Constitutional cul-de-sacs (designed to ‘empower’ the people and ‘protect’ the masses from this exercising of draconian Papal authority) such as those safeguards found in ‘liberal’ or ‘Socialist’ societies! As the Catholic Church is a ‘perfect State’ – the Pope (like the ‘Judge’ he apparently is) is ‘disinterested’ in the political policies pursued by these regimes. It is irrelevant to the Catholic Church if a fascist State that supports the Pope is ‘racist’ – or seeks to commit ‘genocide’ against those populations deemed ‘unacceptable’ – as these matters are side-stepped and deflected into the ethereal realm of general ecumenical concerns. Surely, or so the reasoning of the Catholic Church suggests, the ‘ignorance’ of humanity is a matter for the Christian Church as a whole to address – and not the concern (or responsibility) of the Pope himself. Public Canon Law seems to suggest that humanity is bound to behave in this manner anyway (due to the influence of the Devil) – and that it is not the ‘support’ the Catholic Church lends these fascist regimes that causes or justifies this behaviour. 

Of course, the Catholic Church has opposed ‘Socialist’ societies throughout its entire existence – falsely stating that such regimes ‘oppress’ religion. This is really a coded message very similar to those found within Free Masonry. In reality, a Socialist society absolutely ‘guarantees’ ALL freedom of thought and self-determination. An individual citizen is given the right to hold (or not hold) any religious view. What the Public Canon Law of the Catholic Church does not like is the concept of ‘democracy’! Within a Socialist society, an ‘atheist’ has exactly the same rights as a ‘religionist’ – with neither permitted to enforce their view on the other. This type of genuine ‘toleration’ is of no use to the Pope – who demands absolute obedience. This (Socialist) Constitutional ‘freedom’ and ‘empowerment’ blocks (or prevents) the unquestioned ‘top-down’ authority mechanism the Catholic Church demands. As such, this ‘Socialist’ empowerment of the ordinary people lies in immediate opposition to the strictures of Public Canon Law – as this Socialist re-organisation of religious practice ‘hinders’ the authority of the Pope. Furthermore, as ‘centralised’ democracy is like a beating heart pumping blood to the extremities and bringing it back to the centre – the Catholic Church cannot ‘tolerate’ this circuitous route for political authority to travel as it ‘delays’ the pontifications of his holiness! The reality is that the thousands of regulatory committees (and the continuous voting) that regulates this continuously traversing authority within a Socialist society (an ‘authority’ which is owned only by the people) – is unacceptable to the Vatican. In their eyes, it is the ‘Pope’ who possesses ALL political authority – and he does so in the name of God.  

Although a Socialist society fully empowers an individual to develop their thinking in a ‘free’ and ‘empowering’ environment – the Catholic Church complains that exactly the same ‘Socialist’ society is ‘oppressing’ religion because the Catholic Church is not permitted to harvest wealth from the people, steal land from the people, or artificially usurp political power from the people! In other words, although the freedoms earned by the people within a Socialist society conform in many ways to the ‘Private’ version of the Catholic Canon Law – exactly the same ‘freedoms’ contradict and violate the ‘Public’ version of the Catholic Canon Law! It is for this Catholic inconstancy of theological view (and temporal greed for political power) that the Catholic Church supported Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (whilst being on very good terms with the Imperial Japanese) – and provided thousands of ‘Chaplains’ to accompany the ‘Catholic’ troops that were part of the Nazi German-led invasion of the USSR during 1941! These ‘Catholic’ troops were comprised of many hundreds of thousands of men and were spread across numerous participating nations including Hungary, Spain, Germany and Italy, etc! The Catholic Church supported this fascist invasion knowing full well that its purpose was ‘genocide’. The Nazi Germans (and their ‘Catholic’ allies) murdered around 41 nillion Soviet men, women and children, and after the war, the Vatican assisted thousands of Nazi War Criminals to escape Allied Justice! Such was (and remains) the power of the Public Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church.  

English Language Reference: 

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