Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform! (23.4.2023)

Truth Social

Truth Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating on the basis of political ideology. (What a ‘Fascist’ Website Looks Like Today)!

The US (Bourgeois) Establishment is afraid of Trump! Although Trump is a racist and a fascist, the Wikipedia page regarding his ‘TRUTH Social Platform’ (an alternative to the US government-controlled Facebook and Twitter, etc) paints him as some kind of ‘Internationalist’ who is collaborating with every perceived enemy of US! This policy is designed to undermine the exposure of the fact that there is a very genuine lack of freedom in the US!

Due to the suppression of the genuine political ‘Left’ in the US – almost by default – the ‘fascist’ and ‘White Supremacist’ movements Trump represents are being viewed as harbingers of the missing free thought and direct action – when this right-wing ideology is actually better disposed to ‘agreeing’ with this repression of ‘free thought’ rather than enforcing it! Free thought for the Trump movement amounts to nothing less than agreeing with whatever Trump says – a policy that represents a genuine America!

The reality is that Trump has been an important and pivotal representative of the (White) anti-democratic US Establishment all his capitalistic life – and whilst in power (as ‘President’) was permitted by this Establishment to commit the most heinous Human Rights abuses both domestically and foreign! Nothing has changed. The puzzling question is why is there this discord between a ‘White’ (racist) US Establishment and one of the most honest and best representatives of that system whilst in Presidental Office – Donald Trump?

The Bourgeois Establishment (across the world) is riddled with well-established pecking orders that like to have their power structures recognised and enhanced with each ‘new’ President regardless of which Party each of these individuals represent (the US System is default set to discard and suppress the genuine ‘Left’ so no one will be allowed to be ‘elected’ that would radically ‘rock the boat’). Trump radically ‘rocked the boat’ – but did so by going far too far to the right! A microcosmic demonstration of Trump ‘Thought’ and use of political power can be seen with an examination of all the individuals he had ‘put to death’ who were languishing on Federal Death Row (non-White, female and the disabled, etc) – actually speeding-up the execution process when he realised his time in Office was coming to an end!

This is very much the tactic the naturally right of centre US Establishment likes to propagate, after-all, according to US academic research, this is the same US Establishment which has used its military (since 1945-to present) to kill upwards 20-30 million men, women and children around the world – mostly (but not always) ‘non-White’ – in the support and spread of its political agenda and socio-economic system. Trump in no way departed from this shocking ‘bullying’ tactic – but unnerved the US Establishment (that had permitted him to gain High Office under the guise of ‘democracy’) by rather selfishly ‘breaking the unspoken rules’ that control US society. By what I can see, Trump was firstly ‘too obvious’ in his preference for (and implementation of) fascist ideology and fascistic policies – and secondly attempted to gather as much ‘decision-making’ as he could within the body of the President – and away from the various branches and arms of US government which allow the lie that the US system is ‘fair’ and ‘equal’, etc.

This diversion of power might also be described as an usurping of the democratic process – regardless of how superficial that process may appear in reality. It is ironic that US (White) racism has been used (post-1945) as a legitimate political weapon by the US, disguised as a genuine and heartfelt ‘political’ opposition to Socialism! Although devised by the ‘White’ racist mind – and clearly designed to intellectually and physically continue the centuries-old oppression of the non-White populations of the world (such as Cuba, North Korea, China, Vietnam and Laos, etc) – such a policy is hierarchical, anti-democratic and designed to secure, maintain and enforce US (Bourgeois) hegemonic control both within North America and across the world!

Records confirm that Trump enforced this ‘racist’ policy exceptionally well whilst in Office! It is important to acknowledge the ‘racist’ component of Trump’s thinking (he once bank-rolled a Boxing match between the ‘White’ Gerry Cooney and the ‘Black’ Michael Spinks – in the mistaken idea that the former would beat the latter) so as to ‘contextualise’ his political career. His blatantly racist ‘ban’ on Muslims, for instance, was not only applauded by mainstream ‘White’ America, but when challenged in the Courts for the ‘racist’ attitudes it obviously embodied, these same US Courts ruled that such blatant displays of ‘racism’ by the President were not only ‘lawful’ but fully in accordance with the US ‘Constitution’! This is the ‘Constitution’ drawn up in 1776 and altered in 1865 (in the latter case to represent the victory of the ‘Union’ over the ‘Confederacy’).

Even a casual perusal of US-controlled (and ‘Wikipedia’ delivered) anti-Trump propaganda would have the erstwhile reader believing that Trump was some kind of rampaging ‘Leftist’ whose supporters are busy forming sinister alliances (behind the scenes) with the perceived enemies of the US! The ‘Reds’ are no longer just ‘under the bed’ – but they are constructing this device and selling it to you (after first sleeping in it themselves)! This is because the US Establishment has decided that the right-wing ‘freedom’ Trump represents is in fact a ‘loss of control’ over society – a ‘control’ that the Bourgeois class he belongs to would prefer to retain! 

On every moronic Wikipedia page there is mention of Trump having political or business links with China, Russia, Brazil, Iran and even Israel – with ‘China’ featuring to a very high degree! The perversity of this US Establishment policy is the anti-intellectual equivalent of suggesting the victims of sexual abuse has are responsible for the abuse suffered – because they ‘helped’ the perpetrator to carry out their crimes! How strange it is to see the victims of Trump’s (racist) fascism (that is to say the ‘Chinese’ people) be accused by the US Establishment as being responsible for that ‘fascism’ (which is a solely ‘White’ affair in reality) – and the ‘power’ behind Trump’s political antics!

Lunatics like Trump would quite happily nuclear-bomb Beijing if he thought he could get away with it. Where he differs from the US Establishment that created him, is that the American Bourgeoisie would like to preserve a trading status quo that it controls – keeping ‘direct’ military confrontation to a minimum – for now (a question of differing ‘styles’ whilst maintaining exactly the same ‘content’). Indirect military confrontation is another matter, as the US support for Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is as much a proxy war against China as it is against Russia! And then there is the ‘porn star’ allegation – a rather pathetic attempt by the US Establishment at keeping a very popular Trump out of Office. If ‘morality’ really was an issue, most US Presidents would be languishing in prison for their ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – sharing cells with Israeli leaders and perpetuators! Barack Obama, of course, would be on ‘Death Row’ for his military and political support of a Neo-Nazi take-over of Ukraine in 2014 – overhrowing the left-leaning (and democratically elected) legitimate  government of Ukraine – and for leading Canada and the Ukraine not long after in ‘rejecting’ a UN Resolution designed to criminalise the ‘glorification’ of Neo-Nazism! All of a sudden, Trump paying a pornstar $130,000 for a sexual encounter seems positively ‘honest’ by comparison – particularly when said porn star looks very similar to Trump’s ex-wife!