Yelnya: The Soviet Red Army and the First European Defeat Inflicted Upon Nazi Germany During WWII! (18.3.2023) 

Soviet Red Army Soldiers Were Often Transported in Railway Trucks Straight to the Frontline!

It is interesting to consider how the dominant Bourgeois class in the West has demonised the Soviet Union and subsequently a modern Russia. Of course, most Americans (and probably most British too), are completely unaware that their country ‘invaded’ Revolutionary Russia between 1918-1921 (ultimately facing ‘defeat’ some five decades before being defeated yet again by Socialist Forces in Vietnam) – and termed this interference in the process of working-class self-determination to be a ‘Civil War’! The US, UK and twelve of their allies were joined by Imperial Germany (and six of her allies) in early 1918 – all united in the common objective of killing Lenin and destroying the Revolution! This military action saw British and German soldiers fighting on the same side in Revolutionary Russia – whilst at the same time exactly the same British and German troops continued to ‘kill’ one another for ‘imperialist’ reasons in the mud of France and Belgium! This so-called ‘Civil War’ in Russia led to the deaths of at least 10.5 million Soviet men, women and children – the highest number of fatalities ever incurred during any ‘Civil War’! Bourgeois history, rather predictably, reports this shocking statistic as if the Russians did this to themselves – with only the lives of the Romanov imperial family being of any concern. No. The fledgling Soviet Red Army took on the military might of the British, Germans, Americans and their allies, and slowly but surely groundout a resounding military victory! 

To put this in context, the situation of the Russian Civil War would be similar to Russia (and its allies) invading the US during the American Civil War (1861-1865) on the grounds that it did not like the prevailing political ideology! This is almost unthinkable due to the inherent ‘arrogance’ and ‘self-importance’ that the Bourgeois ascribes to its own predicaments and interpretation of history. Perhaps it was a good move for the US to purchase the geographical area of ‘Alaska’ (a territory ‘north’ of Canada) from Czarist Russia – although this did not happen until 1867! Whatever the case, Imperial Germany only participated in the Russian Civil War between March and November 1918 – invading and occupying (to great local applause) the predominantly ‘Catholic’ territory of Western Ukraine! Apparently, the Ukrainian people immediately appreciated the German presence and never lost their admiration for German political ideology and its practical manifestation! This attitude of gratitude would serve the Nazi Germans well when they occupied this area once again in 1941 – and when the same Hitlerite ideology re-emerged (as ‘Neo-Nazism’) in the Ukraine during early 2014! The British and Americans finally withdrew from Revolutionary Russia in 1921 – a defeat of the International Bourgeoisie that would pave the way for the formation of the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ (USSR) during late 1922! 

In the West, however, the ignorance surrounding this failed military aggression against Russia (and the fourteen other countries that formed the USSR) is astonishing! It is only through the ‘denial’ and ‘suppression’ of genuine history that a country like the US could propagate the ‘lie’ of ‘Soviet’ or ‘Russian’ military aggression – when it is Russia that has been the victim of continuous ‘Western’ military aggression – with Russia emerging victorious on virtually every occasion! Whatever the US and UK say about Russia today – or have said about Russia in the past – there was a time during WWII when the world held its breath and wished for a Soviet military victory against a Nazi Germany that seemed militarily and ideologically ‘invincible’! Not only had Britain and France been defeated in every theatre to date (1941 – the year Hitler invaded the USSR), but Hitler’s Armies had successfully annexed Scandinavia and defeated every other European force sent against it! With each new military victory – Hitler’s ramblings about the predominance of ‘race’ seemed ever more greatly authenticated! In the USSR, or so Hitler pontificated, the usually ‘pure’ ‘Slavic’ race had become ‘polluted’ through its mixing with Jews and the various (Asiatic) indigenous peoples that occupied the area when the original Viking settlers arrived during the 9th century! Hitler needed greater ‘living space’ for his racially superior ‘Aryan’ (German) population and the vast geographical area that comprised the USSR was ideal for this task! 

Only one thing stood in the way of this resettlement plan – and that was the Soviet people themselves. A great percentage of these had to be killed in the initial military attack – with the remainder distributed to Concentration Camps to be disposed of through mass execution and/or being worked to death. Either way, Hitler, having assumed power in early 1933, had had time to ideological indoctrinate an entire generation and prepare these millions of people to view the Soviet population as nothing more than a type of human vermin that required extermination. This is why the war in the USSR was a very different affair to the conflict the Germans had already fought (and won) in Western Europe! Although Hitler had referred to the French as being the ‘monkeys of Europe’, nevertheless, a ‘monkey’ was preferred by Hitler to the deficient ‘mixed’ races that currently occupied the USSR! The war in Russia (and the surrounding ‘Red’ countries) was a fight to the finish that possessed the objective of ‘genocide’ – and nothing else! Where the British, French and even the Japanese at a push could be considered at least ‘human’ enough to warrant reasonably ‘good’ treatment – the Soviets, on the other hand, as they were NOT ‘human’ possessed NO reason for them to be treated ‘humanely’ – and yet whilst Britain licked its wounds and retreated to its fortress island (the only attribute it possessed that saved it from invasion), the USSR remained its only ally! 

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union had to use its leadership skills so as to manipulate and direct the material resources it possessed to the greatest possible (and positive) effect! The Hitlerite ideology of ‘race’ had to be met head-on by the Marxist-Leninist ideology of ‘class’! Indeed, following the June 22nd, 1941 invasion of the USSR, the first four months of continuous military victories for the Nazi Germans gave the impression that Hitler’s view was going to prevail! Of course, genocidal racism cannot be accommodated or negotiated away – it is either completely ‘defeated’ or its intended victims cease to exist! This is why the confrontation in the USSR was not at the time – and should not be considered now – a ‘normal’ military confrontation! If Hitler had won, then the Soviet people would have been annihilated and science would have been permanently ‘altered’ so as to accommodate Hitler’s mad ramblings contained within his ‘Mein Kampf’! Although it is not admitted today, most people in the West understood this at the time – either intuitively or intellectually – with every sane person hoping for a miracle to occur on the battlefield involving a Soviet Red Army victory of some kind! In fact, it was not any religious inspiration (or suspension of natural laws) that caused such a victory when it did happen – but rather the process of a ground up and meticulous ‘planning’ emanating from the collective human intellect as directed by the various Departments of the Communist Party of the USSR! 

‘Nevertheless, the fact that Russia had “allies” – or rather, one major ally, Britain – and that America was going to “help” was of some psychological importance to the Russians, they did not feel entirely alone, and soon after the invasion the thought had become deeply ingrained that the war would be won, no matter how terrible and how long it was. Much was, of course, made of minor military successes, such as the slowing-down of the blitzkrieg at Smolensk (which, curiously, created for several weeks almost a feeling of euphoria, at least in Moscow), and of the small Russian counter-offensive at Yelnya, south of Smolensk in September 1941, when a few hundred square miles were recaptured from the Germans – the first to be recaptured anywhere in Europe since the beginning of the Second World War. At that time, in bombed and half-devastated Vyazna, the future Marshal V. D. Sokolovsky made to the foreign press the significant remark that, fearful as the war was, the Russians were “gradually grinding down” the German war machine, and that in any case Moscow would not be lost.’ 

Alexander Werth: The Post-War Years, Taplinger, (1971), Pages 3-4