Joseph McCabe: The Anatomy of an Anti-Soviet ‘Lie’! (18.3.2023) 

Joseph McCabe was a Prolific Writer!

In many ways, Joseph McCabe was for ‘White’ people what Huey Newton was for Black people! Both applied the dialectical search for ‘true’ knowledge with a devastating clarity of vision – and this explains why the Bourgeois Establishment (an overarching and ‘International’ organ of general oppression) will not allow the work of either man to be more widely known or readily available! From my own perspective, from working in factories to acquiring an academic doctorate (and all the learning inbetween) it strikes me that what changes a person is ‘access’ to data (or ‘knowledge’) covering as vast an area of knowledge as possible! It is by ‘withholding’ this knowledge that the working-class is kept in its state of servitude and the Bourgeoisie in its state of (almost) ‘natural’ and ‘inevitable’ dominance.  

One great lie is that when the working-class is freed of the control applied by the Bourgeoisie, Aristocracy and Church – it inevitably becomes manic and insane – killing millions in the process! The message continuously repeated by the controlling Bourgeoisie is that the only ‘natural’ state for the working-class to exist within is that of an enlightened servitude! And yet what is this ‘Bourgeoisie’ that struts about and issues this kind of ‘decree’? Is it not merely comprised of certain members of the peasantry who acquired wealth through uniting the Aristocracy with the goods and services it required? These ‘Merchants’ merely managed to gain wealth and then transform this wealth into political power and influence – eventually ceasing control of the means of production through the Revolutions they have financed! One thing is for sure – once gained – the Bourgeoisie will NOT willingly renounce this political power!  

Joseph McCabe was once a Catholic monk when a youth and young man – but after encountering the works of Karl Marx he became an ardent atheist, renounced the Church and embarked upon the path of writing hundreds of books on diverse subjects, designed to ‘enlighten’ and ‘educate’ the toiling masses! His approach is devastatingly logical and disturbingly revealing – this is why he is hardly heard of today. Why should the Bourgeoisie willingly empower the workers if it can supress the very literature needed to perform such a function? What we must do is catch the Bourgeoisie in its own net of lies and deception! This is a continuous operation that will know no end just as long as the Bourgeoisie retains its power and continues its oppression of the masses! For instance, Joseph McCabe gives a very interesting example of how the Bourgeoisie continuously ‘lies’ about the ‘nature’ of the (oppressed) toiling masses and its need to be free: 

‘There is, in fact, a confession of very grave historical ignorance in the claim, which is now repeated on every side, that the people or “the mob” indulge in violence and cruelty whenever the restraints of higher statesmanship and religion are suspended. Look, one reads almost every day, at the excesses of the French and Russian Revolutions! Of the Russian Revolution, which was unique in its conditions, we shall see a little in a later chapter (1). The popular idea of the horrors of the French Revolution is based upon films and stories. The facts are now accepted in all serious history. In the September Massacres only 1100, more than half of whom were criminals or prostitutes from the jails, were killed, and the horrors were perpetuated by a few hundred workers at a time when the Roman Church was still established. In the Reign of Terror, we have 17,000 specific cases of execution, but less than one-tenth of the victims were priests or aristocrats, and the great majority were revolutionaries of the working-class.’ 

Footnote 1:  

‘It will enforce my argument if I make one point here. One of the most widely circulated histories of the Russian Revolution, that of Lancelot Lavton, says that the Bolsheviks killed 8050 ecclesiastics, including 1275 archbishops and bishops. The Catholic Encyclopaedia and the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics both tell us that there were only 169 archbishops and bishops (including retired) in Russia; and even these were not all killed. We shall see that the Pope later attempted to become friendly with this terrible Soviet Government.’ 

Joseph McCabe: The Papacy in Politics – Vatican Plots in Spain and Other Countries, Watts & Co (London), (1937), Pages 8-9 of Chapter 1 – Entitled ‘Why Spaniards Hate the Church’ (Pages 1-16) 

It is interesting to observe that during the ‘Reign of Terror’ perpetuated by the Bourgeoisie during the French Revolution – less than 10% of the victims were from the nobility – and by far the greater number killed were from the ‘working-class’! This was, no doubt, due to a Bourgeois effort to retain the political power it had only just acquired – and to prevent the social and cultural upheaval it had caused from evolving spontaneously into a genuinely ‘Socialist’ Revolution! Despite this being the case, the Bourgeois historians only talk about the suffering of the ‘nobility’ – and omit entirely the fact that the toiling masses were by far the one single class that suffered the most! Fabricating working-class brutality, however, has become so ridiculous in the West that the numbers claimed to be killed by the ‘Socialists’ far exceed the actual populations of the countries concerned – quite often many times over! Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, for example, (and let’s not forget ‘Pol Pot’) are said to have collectively killed the equivalent in number to the population of the United States!  

The point being here, that for all his evilness – Adolf Hitler (who really did ‘kill’ verified millions) – is far more acceptable to the Bourgeoisie once his ‘National Socialist’ regime has been militarily defeated (ironically by the ‘Socialists’), and its threat to the dominance of the world ‘capitalism’ firmly removed! In Russia and China no one believes that their greatest leaders killed millions of people – as there are no bodies, no graves and no grieving masses. The Bourgeoisie, realising the practical weakness in their argument, decided that in Cambodia (Kampuchea) a new approach was needed – and the remains of the tens of thousands of innocent Cambodians killed in the illegal blanket-bombing (and military invasions) of that that country carried-out by the US during the Vietnam War – were simply ‘piled-up’ for tourists to gawk at – and see just how ‘evil’ Socialism can be!