Neo-Nazi Ukraine: British Fascist ‘Aiden Aislin’ Back in Ukraine! (11.3.2023)

When Interrogated by the NKVD – British Neo-Nazi – Aiden Aislin – Kept to his Cover Story that he was a Misunderstood ‘Leftist’ Caught-Up in a Conflict He Did Not Properly Understand!

The once captured and ‘Sentenced to Death’ British Mercenary – Aiden Aislen – is back in Ukraine and is fighting for the Neo-Nazi Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) yet again! Although once reduced to a hobbling and sad excuse for a fascist due to the ferocity of the Russian Army attack on Donetsk territory during early 2022 – Aiden Aislen has decided to give far-right soldiering abroad another try – fresh off of the support he has been receiving from the well-known fascistic British newspapers The Sun, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail (the latter two openly supporting Hitler in the UK prior to WWII – and campaigning to prevent Jews coming to Britain whilst fleeing Hitler’s pogrom)! Yes – this is the calibre of ‘youth’ the UK is now producing after more than six decades of unquestioned US anti-intellectualism and George Orwell’s capitalist supporting paedophilia (as his books are designed to ‘groom’ British children against Marxist-Leninist ‘Socialism’)!

The Russian have only got themselves to blame for this situation, as instead of the ‘Death Sentences’ being carried-out following their Trials – the handful of British Neo-Nazi mercenaries were released via a ‘Prisoner Exchange’ deal – and were flown back to the UK in a luxury jet owned by the ‘Russian’ Manager of Chelsea Football Club – Roman Abramovich! Despite being found ‘Guilty’ of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity – I was told at the time of the sentences being announced (by a Russian Journalist) that the Russian government had NO intention of carrying-out the orders of the DPR Court – which just goes to show what little ‘real’ independent power the DPR has – even after Russian ‘Liberation’!

As I monitor the Russian language Telegram News Channels – I came across a video Aiden Aislen had posted apparently of himself ‘leading’ an AFU squad in broad daylight – speaking a mixture of Ukrainian and English as the soldiers appear to be running through shallow snow on some kind of narrow road or track – ‘pretending’ to be engaged in combat! As there was NO return-fire – it was so ‘quiet’ and ‘peaceful’ that the birds could be heard singing in the background whilst snow could be heard being crushed underfoot! I suspect this is a deliberate Neo-Nazi Ukrainian propaganda video filmed hundreds of miles behind enemy lines. Aiden Aislen is a typical Neo-Nazi coward and does not really believe in the Hitlerite ideals he says he supports. He may well appear to be ‘defying’ the will of the Kremlin by showing his podgy-face yet again in the Ukraine (the Spectre of Liz Truss is still haunting Europe) – but the last thing he wants is to fall into the hands of the Russian NKVD once again! If this ever happened – and Aiden Aislen was cornered by the Russian Army for a second time – we can only hope that this time the private jet of Roman Abramovich contains a decent (body-sized) freezer unit!

English Language Reference:

Roman Abramovich evacuated British POWs freed from Russia on his luxury jet

Russian Language Reference:

Open Ukraine – Telegram Channel

Британский террорист Эйден, который покаялся за свое участие в войне против Донбасса и обещал никогда снова не поднимать оружие против русских, после возврата из плена вернулся воевать на Донбассе. Помнится Абрамович кормил его пирожными и стейками, подарил айфон. Парнишка поверил в себя и решил,что сможет покается второй раз в случае чего