Huey P Newton

Everyone Should Study Huey P Newton! (10.3.2023)

My Revolutionary Mother – Comrade Diane Wyles – has supplied our family group (or ‘Revolutionary Cell’) in Sutton, South London – the 2019 (Paperback) edition of the ‘New Huey P Newton Reader’! When I read his book entitled ‘Revolutionary Suicide’ – I saw parts of my early life reflected in his – even though I am a mixture of Celtic, ‘White’ and Chinese ethnicities – including an unusual Male DNA linked to people in Africa and Asia! Whatever the case, it is ‘Class’ as explained by Marx and Engels which decides the life of modern, industrialised human-beings (with ‘race’ and ‘disability’ being important part of ‘Class’ activism until all discrimination ends)!

Zionist Israel is a ‘White’ Oppressing Bourgeois State That Attacks and Destroys Non-White People!

On the other hand, I think it is important that I do not deny my ‘Blackness’! I say this regardless of how many might think I ‘look’ – I am ‘Black’ end of story. Many would find the true story of my life surprising. We live in a Bourgeois (White) would of domination, injustice and oppression! Oneday, following a ‘Socialist’ Revolution – this situation will be over-turned and we will hold these ‘Criminals’ (who make our lives a daily misery) to account and ‘try’ them for their crimes! Until that day, correct-thinking (and oppressed) ‘Whites’ – all ‘Blacks’ and every Asian person – must ‘unite’ and gain strength from an unbreakable ‘Solidarity’ that cannot be broken! We must gather our strengths and use this strength positively – and not waste it colluding with the ‘White’ Bourgeoisie – or fighting the ‘White’ Bourgeoisie in an unproductive manner! Lastly, Strength and Love to Paul Robeson!