When ‘Woke’ is NOT ‘Awake’! (15.2.2023) 

This is James Wentworth Day (1899-1993) – a British Fascist (Who Supported Mussolini) and a Member of the Conservative Party. He is the Acceptable Face of British Racism. His Portrait Hangs in the British National Portait Gallery and His Books are Still Widely Available! He Worked for the Daily Express and Believed Gay People Should be Hanged. He is Still Treated Today with Reverence by the US and British Bourgeois Establishments. Here, He Discusses the ‘Black’ Man and ‘Mixed’ Marriages for the TV Programme ‘People in Trouble’ (1958) – Whilst Being Interviewed by (the ‘Gay’) Daniel Farson.

The concepts of ‘distraction’ and ‘sleight of hand’ are both concepts common within any competent expressions of ‘magic’ – both amateur and professional. The capacity of ‘magic’ works because the audience wants to be entertained and the performer wants to meet this requirement (for whatever reason). There is a two-way channel of mutually supporting communication, and everything that unfolds does not extend beyond the subject of ‘magic’. The English word of ‘sleight’ derives from the 12th century Old Norse word ‘sleigh’ originally meaning ‘wisdom’ and ‘cleverness’. Around the 14th century, this term had developed into the Middle English term ‘sleahthe’ – now being used to mean ‘sly’ – an attribute likened to an individual being ‘clever’. There may also be a parallel link to the Low German ‘slu’ (meaning ‘sly’) which seems related to the German ‘slak’ – or the ability to skilfully ‘hit’. This adds a sinister element to the word ‘sleight’ – perhaps suggesting an element of ‘compulsion’ to proceedings – or at least a ‘punishment’ if the audience does not comply with the intentions of the performer.  

In the old days, of course, an individual had to consent to be tried by the State through the agency of issuing a plea of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’, etc, BEFORE the State possessed the right to initiate a trial. For an individual not to be ‘tried’ – all an accused individual had to do was not plea and the State could act. This all sounds egalitarian and user-friendly – but the State reacted to this individual ‘right’ by instigating the routine use of ‘torture’ as a means to ‘extract’ a plea – so that a trial could then legally unfold. If there was no plea, the State possessed no legal right to initiate a trial and carry out any consequential ‘punishment’ (either public execution or any number of humiliating types of public torture, etc). The way out of this legal cul-de-sac was to torture any individual to death who refused to plea. The individual (usually a peasant or serf) possessed the right not to stand trial if they did not plea – whilst the Medieval State simply legitimised ‘torture’ as a means to circumvent this right. Most ordinary people at this time, however, possessed no legal or lawful knowledge, as there was no compulsion for the State to provide such knowledge.  

Holding a person in prison for long periods of time as a punishment did not exist within the Medieval world. Individuals were held for short periods of time whilst torture was applied to the physical body so as to extract a plea – with a swift trial and definite punishment then following. Holding people for long periods as a punishment was developed in the post-1776 United States – which in its early (liberal) days had broken with all the barbaric and draconian institutions of the old European world – which included the rejection of the ‘Death Penalty’. How times have changed. Reliable knowledge is the key to understanding history. The Bourgeois Establishment removes the ability for genuine history to be easily discovered, ingested and understood, and replaces these inconvenient facts (as most of history happened BEFORE the predatory capitalist system existed). The Bourgeois Establishment changes history through ‘omission’ and deliberate ‘alteration’. Preferred Bourgeois history is easy to find – Stalin was just like Hitler – is a typical example of this deception in action. Most people learn this lie and possess no ability to look beyond this statement.  

A quick look at historical work by George Furr, EH Carr, Alexander Werth, Soviet publications, Joseph McCabe and Albert Axell, etc, amongst many others, reveal this to be a lie, but I know what is going on and how to look beyond the ‘surface’ brainwashing that is going on. No one in Russia knows anything about supposed ‘mass killings’ – just as there is no evidence in China of Mao Zedong doing anything similar. Just as mass murder does not happen in North Korea or Cuba, and so on. Those brainwashed by the Bourgeois State will see these words as being ‘insane’ and ‘mad’ – because that is how successful brainwashing works. The dominant Bourgeois State establishes a myth about a socio-economic system (Socialism) that reveals Bourgeois contradictions and oppressive nature and declares all ‘truth’ about this system as being the ‘myth’. Therefore, Stalin is Hitler – despite genuine history proving this suggestion quite wrong (Hitler liked Stalin so much – he murdered around 41 Soviet million men, women and children between 1941-1945). In reality, the US has already invaded Socialist Russia (in 1918) – and is the only country to have used atomic weapons, etc. This is on top of invading Europeans murdering millions of indigenous people whilst invading and colonising the Americas (the US Bourgeoisie has already carried out the ‘genocide’ it accuses the Socialist counties of committing). Christopher Columbus not only writes about seeing a UFO in his diary – but also records how he and his men routinely ‘raped’ the children of indigenous children in the Americas as the Catholic Church had decreed that these living entities were NOT fully human and therefore were NOT subject to the protection of Biblical morality! (British people will be interested to read that the diaries of Samuel Pepys include similar ‘paedophilic’ references – where he records himself, and his Bourgeois friends – routinely ‘raping’ British working-class children).  

Today, the US is spreading its anti-intellectualism across the globe through the policy of ‘constraining’ how the internet is used. Where the internet is not operational, the US achieves the same effect through military boots upon the ground! Whereas the internet ‘bans’ those who do not conform to the auspices of US anti-intellectualism – the US military simply ‘kills’ those who do not conform. Being ‘woke’ – that hideous US construct – is really the Trotskyite left (which is actually of the right), dominating and controlling the political and cultural narratives operating Bourgeois within society. The far right, and right-wing accuse the ‘woke’ fraternity as being the archetypical ‘left’ – and limit all political critique to its machinations! This policy is a sleight of hand which excludes the genuine Marxist-Leninist left completely from of the picture. The mainstream is convinced that a stratum of the Bourgeoisie is in fact the ‘left-wing’ and that no other leftist interpretation exists (or is allowed to exist). This policy has been so successful that many Socialist and Communist groups exist to reinforce this stereotype and conform fully to this Bourgeois manipulation of history and historical interpretation. This is how the Bourgeoisie controls and limits the political debate within the societies it controls. By misrepresenting the left, the Bourgeoisie prevents any genuine ‘Socialist’ movements from developing and privileges the ‘Trotskyite’ movement and advocates these groups as being the only acceptable expression of the left. This ‘rejection’ and ‘misrepresentation’ of Marxist-Leninism becomes the only allowable expression of ‘Marxist-Leninism’! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!