How the Bourgeois (Capitalist) State Conditions and Controls Young People! (14.2.2023) 

Once the Bourgeois State Enacts an Unquestioned Conditioning Policy – Everything Falls into Place!

In the year 2000, the freedoms continuously boiling up from the foundations of Bourgeois society due to the internet appeared limitless and uncontrollable! At that time, I was active as a Research Assistant in London, and was aware of how academics were discussing this outpouring of new freedoms – and how the State was at a loss with how to a) predict and b) control these forces. Twenty-three years on, and the bewildering number of improbable laws designed to ‘limit’ and ‘direct’ how the internet is used that are now in existence would not have been tolerated in 2000 – being then viewed as ‘bizarre’ and ‘unworkable’! And yet these laws exist and are now continuously enabled – artificially limiting the multitudinous freedoms the internet would usually ensure. This is a matter of the Bourgeois State brainwashing and conditioning the population into accepting a form of fascistic manipulation! It is the successful formulation and application of the US policy of ‘containment’ – which limits the use of the internet to only the policies preferred or decreed by the US government! As thie US establishment is ‘White’ – this policy is inherently racist – but it has been expertly applied to the populations this racism is designed to control.  

The minds and attitudes of the young people today are the product of the policies the Bourgeoise State has enacted. In other words, the older generation has protected the Bourgeois (capitalist) State by ensuring that the younger generations are conditioned to think in a way that sees middle of the way liberal democracy as being the only acceptable way for society to exist, and the only expression of reality that keeps non-White populations ‘happy’. This is because Black and Asian groups have ceased to support the overthrow of predatory capitalism (through a Marxist-Leninist Revolution), and now seek to gain their own fair share of the ‘profit’ gained from the historical and existential exploitation of the working-class! The irony is two-fold. Firstly, the greater percentage of this profit has been historically gained through the exploitation of the White proletariat – and as the ‘White’ population serves as the majority of the population throughout Europe and the US – this Black and Asian policy is striving to acquire a share of capitalist profit it has not earned (the millions of African slaves who built America through the White enforced use of their ‘free’ labour – were not part of the proletariat – with most being agricultural workers existing in serf-like ‘feudalistic’ conditions). Secondly, this Black and Asian policy is supporting the capitalist division of labour which gives rise to the competitive forces that are the basis of all forms of racism (forces expertly exploited by Henry Ford in his US automobile factory, for example). Whilst supporting capitalism, this Black and Asian policy supports the very theoretical basis of the ‘racism’ that its various campaign groups strive to oppose. 

Today, it is not unlikely to see young people marching whilst carrying flags of Che Guevara and the EU! For this generation (c. 2023) the good is bad – the bad is good. The left is right – and the right is left. Racism is liberalism – and liberalism is racism. Socialism is fascism – fascism is Socialism. The USSR is Nazi Germany – and Nazi Germany is the USSR. Joseph Stalin is Adolf Hitler – whilst Adolf Hitler is Joseph Stalin. Capitalism is freedom – whilst freedom is capitalism. Deviating from this capitalist mainstream banality is said to cause ‘offense’ amongst the non-White communities – who are made ‘sad’ by such actions! It is only through abiding to the banality of ‘middle of the way’ of predatory capitalism that everyone in society is kept happy and safe. Progressive thinking of any type is now viewed as the most shocking of deviations from what is considered ‘civilised’ or ‘acceptable’! To discuss the exploitative nature of capitalism is tantamount to supporting Adolf Hitler, denying the Holocaust and calling for the Zionist State of Israel to be held accountable for the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed by its military – against the Palestinians! (Only one of those allegations is in accordance with the genuine attributes of Marxist-Leninism)!