Confronting Modern Russia’s “Trotskyite” Anti-Gay Rhetoric! (29.4.2023)

Modern Russia cannot establish the dialectical absurdity which suggests its policy of openly discriminating against (and attempting to ideologically and physically ‘annihilate’) the LGBTQN+ Community – equates to ‘preserving’ and ‘respecting’ cultural diversity – whilst somehow being tantamount to representing an act of ‘anti-fascism’! Indeed, should such a disrespectful and destructive attitude be allowed to prevail, this the establishment of the very ‘essence’ of fascism! I would say this modern Russian attitude is a typical ‘Trotskyite’ attempt at manipulating the political left into passively accepting typical right-wing tropes of understanding and behaviour! Disagreeing with the concept of ‘gayness’ should not be confused with removing the ‘right’ of that community to exist!

The Stupidity of Marjorie Greene Taylor – Walking on the Wild Side! (6.4.2023)

Trump is a fascist and a Neo-Nazi – as he does not discriminate between each variant of the same ‘White’ ideology. What is interesting is how Trump (and Majorie Greene Taylor) both support Russia in its conflict with Neo-Nazi Ukraine! Why is this? Whereas Marjorie Greene Taylor’s Wikipedia page reads like Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ – right in the middle of this utter stupidity all of a sudden clear thinking occurs regarding Russia! Surely, this is an example of true facts hidden in plain sight! Her racist views regarding ‘China’ and the ‘Communist Party’ are juxtaposed with her Islamophobic attitudes whilst wedged in the middle is an exact and precise analysis of the Russian situation but minus one vital fact – namely that the ‘Black’ President Obama overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014 – and instigated a vicious Neo-Nazi alternative! This was intended to move NATO through Ukraine and onto the geographical borders of Russia! Of course, ethnic Russian people in the Crimea voted by 97% to secede from the Ukraine and rejoin Russia – and armed uprisings occured in the Donbass area of East Ukraine (a small geographical area of sovereign Ukraine) out of protest to this US policy.

Flag of the Northern Confederacy (1863-1865)

Is It Time for Donald Trump to Flee to Cuba? (5.4.2023) 

Many people attempting to escape US political persecution flee to Cuba! Indeed, this small ‘Socialist’ island situated adjacent to the US Mainland is one of the few places in the Western world that provides such a safe haven! Trump is undoubtedly being persecuted at this current time – to the same level that the America Bourgeois State usually oppresses its ordinary citizens – placing them in the one place where Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation does NOT legally run (and where modern ‘Slavery’ is openly practiced amongst the inmate population) – the highly lucrative (privatised) US Prison System! Is Trump heading to the very ‘legal’ slavery he fully endorsed, assisted and strengthened whilst he was ‘President’? Not to mention the endless line of ‘Federal’ inmates on Death Row that Trump had ‘rushed’ into their Sentences being carried-out at the sharp-end of a needle!

Bias BBC and the ‘Crispness’ of Gary Lineker’s Moral Stand! (13.3.2023)

The Bourgeois left can go to hell – or more appropriately continue to inhabit the well stocked and self-indulgent hell it already inhabits! All the Neo-Nazi immigrants can go and live with the likes of Lineker – and share his gated community! Hang on – that contradicts why gated communities exist – silly me! This explains why gated communities are ‘contemporary’ and ‘trendy’ – whilst supporting the working class (through Marxist-Leninism( is considered ‘out of date’ and ‘old fashioned’! This is how the US is invading and controlling the UK without having to use its military (which is already here by the way – occupying hundreds of military bases hidden throughout the countryside)! Anything to say about that Gary? No, I thought not. Too busy thinking about how to outsmart the evil Chinese and ship crisps to the beleaguered Uyghurs!

More On Victor Lewis Smith! (17.2.2023) 

Whereas many people believed in Churchill’s fake ‘Iron Curtain’ – Victor Lewis Smith actually penned a sketch where himself, his pet Whippet and his Landlady – all stayed for a debauched weekend of sexual shenanigans in an ‘East German’ hotel – thus proving that he understood that a free exchange of people (and things) existed between the Communist East and the capitalist West. Furthermore, his humour ‘humanised’ those people living within ‘Socialist’ regimes the Americans continuously strove to ‘de-humanised’ and the Nazi Germans attempted to eradicate (who can forget NATO’s 78-day blanket-bombing of ‘Socialist’ Yugoslavia in 1999)! Of course, he may well not have been a Marxist-Leninist – as many lost their ideological way, firstly with Khrushchev’s denouncement of Stalin in 1956, and the collapse of the USSR in 1991! Indeed, he may not have been a Marxist-Leninist at all – and I am barking up the wrong tree! However, I stand by my assessment of the structure of his humour and although it is said that Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker ‘copied’ his style – it is also true that neither of these two comedians can remotely be said to be ‘Marxist’ – as clever as some of their humour has been. After-all, where Victor Lewis Smith would have been referring to the Maidan Junta of West Ukraine through the medium of the Neo-Nazi ideology it upholds – all we get from the likes of Morris and Brooker is either ‘silence’ about or ‘collaboration’ with – the enormous hoax being currently perpetuated by the US upon the British people!  

When ‘Woke’ is NOT ‘Awake’! (15.2.2023) 

Today, the US is spreading its anti-intellectualism across the globe through the policy of ‘constraining’ how the internet is used. Where the internet is not operational, the US achieves the same effect through military boots upon the ground! Whereas the internet ‘bans’ those who do not conform to the auspices of US anti-intellectualism – the US military simply ‘kills’ those who do not conform. Being ‘woke’ – that hideous US construct – is really the Trotskyite left (which is actually of the right), dominating and controlling the political and cultural narratives operating Bourgeois within society. The far right, and right-wing accuse the ‘woke’ fraternity as being the archetypical ‘left’ – and limit all political critique to its machinations! This policy is a sleight of hand which excludes the genuine Marxist-Leninist left completely from of the picture. The mainstream is convinced that a stratum of the Bourgeoisie is in fact the ‘left-wing’ and that no other leftist interpretation exists (or is allowed to exist). This policy has been so successful that many Socialist and Communist groups exist to reinforce this stereotype and conform fully to this Bourgeois manipulation of history and historical interpretation. This is how the Bourgeoisie controls and limits the political debate within the societies it controls. By misrepresenting the left, the Bourgeoisie prevents any genuine ‘Socialist’ movements from developing and privileges the ‘Trotskyite’ movement and advocates these groups as being the only acceptable expression of the left. This ‘rejection’ and ‘misrepresentation’ of Marxist-Leninism becomes the only allowable expression of ‘Marxist-Leninism’! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

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