The Real Purpose of ‘ITV’ (Channel 3)! (15.2.2023) 

ITV (Channel 3) Allowed the US Straight into the Living Rooms of Every UK Family!

A very good record of how the US took-over Western Europe (post-1945) is the book entitled ‘France 1940-1955′ authored by the British Journalist – Alexander Werth. In return for massive reconstruction loans and supposed US military ‘protection’ (from an imagined attack from the USSR) – every country in Europe had to strip its political and civic systems of all ‘Socialistic’ attributes and institutions – emphasising predatory capitalism and US-style free market economics. Following the stunning victory of the Soviet Red Army over Nazi Germany (and Imperial Japan) in 1945 – the reputation of the worldwide Communist Party (due to the activity of its brave anti-fascist Partisans) gained during WWII – was riding high across Western Europe, and the US government was concerned that this shift to the left in the capitalist world could easily lead to a Socialist Revolution and the creation of a ‘Western’ Communist Bloc!  

Such a development would isolate the US in its section of the world, and with North Korea becoming ‘Socialist’ in 1948 and China in 1949 – the US would become surrounded by what they thought would constitute an ‘aggressive’ Communist enemy! This supposed threat was intensified with various countries throughout South America developed ‘Socialist’ movements which threatened to overthrow the preferred fascist US-sponsored (Catholic) Juntas! Slowly but surely the US ideologues got to work in Europe and orchestrated an ongoing attack upon the Communist Party. The premise was very simple and is still in action today. Borrowing a tactic from the Trotskyites, the US ideologues ‘inverted’ and ‘reversed’ the historical flow of material reality. The premise reversed the roles of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler and replaced the USSR with Nazi Germany. The fact that the US, UK and USSR were ‘allies’ during WWII was ‘hidden’ from the later generations, as was the fact that it was the Soviet Red Army that won WWII and enabled the US and UK to prevail in the West.  

It was vitally important to also hide the fact that the Nazi Germans and their allies murdered around 41 million Soviet men, women and children. This genuine history was hidden along with Trotsky’s 1938 call for his followers to support the Catholic Church and any attack upon the USSR carried out by the international fascist movement! Obviously, the academic and entertainment systems were co-opted throughout all the Western European countries to deliver this altered view of history. The contribution of the USSR was ‘excised’ from general history and schoolbooks started discussing WWII as if the US had fought and won it on its own – with the UK playing a secondary role. When the USSR was discussed, the Soviet Red Army was accused of carry out mass rapes and mass murders. An entire ‘new’ history (post-1945) was invented for Joseph Stalin which was supposed to have happened during the 1930s – which was then ‘projected’ backwards onto that era. This led to the situation where contemporary history books from the time under discussion (listing 1930s current affairs) – had to be removed from general circulation and/or made very difficult to acquire, as these books made no mention whatsoever of the supposed ‘new’ history the US was attempting to peddle. There were no genuine records of Joseph Stalin committing any crimes simply because no cimes were committed by Joseph Stalin. The US ideologues seem to think that protecting capitalism is worth the compromise of historical truth. 

With the genuine history ‘suppressed’, the post-1945 pseudo-history concocted by the US had to be disseminated throughout Western Europe using the academic and entertainment mechanisms of each country. In the UK there was only one BBC-controlled TV channel (BBC 1) which started rebroadcasting in 1946, but this was funded by public subscription and was free of the need for advertisement. It operated under a Royal Charter established in 1927 but was typically ‘Bourgeois’ in its programming – focusing exclusively upon White, British middle-class culture in its early days (when its broadcasting stations did not cover the entirety of the UK). To circumnavigate this problem, Churchill’s Tories – (and then Eden’s Tories) – facilitated US demands for a ‘commercial’ TV channel to be created in the UK along the lines of the typical US TV channel. This ‘Cold War’ (anti-Socialist) collaboration resulted in the (27th September) 1955 establishment of the ‘Independent Television’ (ITV) network of individual (regional) broadcasting licenses – also known as ‘Channel 3’ since 1990. This agency of free market economics allowed the US to have a direct presence in every living room in the UK – and facilitated the process of anti-Soviet brainwashing! In many ways this was the beginning of what YouTube is today.  

The primary goal of ITV was to dumb-down British television and introduce the British public to US TV programmes – whilst simultaneously conveying US anti-intellectualism and incorrect post-1945 revisionist history! Joseph Stalin became a mass murderer whilst Adolf Hitler, slowly but surely took on the persona of an ‘honest’ man striving to save Europe from the horrors of Communism! Even when I write what I know is a ridiculous fantasy and fabrication, I also know that there are people out there who will relate fully to these words and not understand anything about what I have written above – proving that the US policy of brainwashing has worked! The Americans even have a ‘Monument to the Victims of Communism’ in a park in Washington – which sees busloads of school children driven in everyday who are falsely taught that the Soviet Union carried out the Holocaust! Zionist Israel assists this process by actively ‘removing’ all mention of the Soviet Red Army fighting its way into Nazi German Concentration Camps and freely thousands of Jews! ITV (Channel 3) is full of trash and garbage TV programming designed by the US powers at be to keep the British working-class ‘stupid’ and unable to realise the true nature of the horrific situation it really exists within – and the debt we owe as a nation (and a class) to the sacrifice of a Soviet Union – led by the ‘elected’ Joseph Stalin as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR!