Hitler: Know the Danger and Illogicality of Your Enemy! (6.2.2023) 

There is More Data About Hitler Online Than Ever Berfore!

Fascism is an ever clear and present danger as it lurks within the very core of the predatory capitalist system the Bourgeoisie invented – and likes to inflict on the populations of the countries that still lay under its control. The Bourgeoisie has effectively penetrated the political left through the agency of Trotskyism (in its many guises) – and rendered it ineffective – whilst using the workers that it attracts as potential recruits for the Neo-Nazis, the Neo-Fascist and the Hitlerites of every fashion and stripe! As this was always the motive behind Leon Trotsky’s infiltration of the Bolshevik movement – we can state without a shadow of a doubt that this is one vestige of Soviet policy that survived the collapse of the USSR in 1991 – and is still functioning very well! Trotskyism keeps on broadcasting and remains on target just like those ‘Number Stations’ which continue to broadcast random streams of data – supposedly communicating between national governments and their spies!  

Homosexuality is rife Amongst the Far-Right! This is One of its Greatest Contradictions! It Does Not Involve ‘Love’ (The Nazis ‘Gassed’ Those Who ‘Loved’) But Rather the Agency of Male Rape – With Superior Officers ‘Raping’ Subordinates – Rather Like the Male Rape That Happens Within Prisons!

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union was ‘banned’ in Russia post-1991 – and this led to the breakup and dissolving of all its branch throughout the world. What followed after that was a total disintegration of the Marxist-Leninist left that mirrored the decade-long wholesale importation of far-right ideology and totalitarian religion into the post-Soviet space!  From these debris, ‘new’ thoroughly Bourgeious ‘Communist’ Parties re-emerged – all run as part-time hobbies by White, middle-class males who like to ‘play’ at representing a working-class they have neither been a part of! Through all of this, and given that fascism is capitalism in decline, it is only natural that Hitler has come out of all this quite well considering the academic, media, religious and cultural forces stacked against him! Indeed, the Bourgeois Establishment is happy to have working-class youths driven into to pointless and ineffective fascist groups – as a means to disempower the left and create fodder for the privatising Prison Service! It’s a win-win for the forces of predatory capitalism! 

Whilst Persecuting the ‘Jews’ – Hitler Often Stated That ‘God Created Humanity’ Thus Accepting the Judeo-Christian Theological Message! He Murdered The Bodies of Jews Whilst Accepting Their Religious Thoughts!

Of course, I hear many of you shout, ‘But what about the Communist Party – it will save us!’. Well, you are right on one count – the Communist Party should be able to save you – but not these poor excuses, these middle-class playthings which see committees of White, middle-class men running these alphabet soups as if they are branches of the local ‘Round Table’ – mirroring the Lodges of the Free Masonry organisations most belong to! This is why there is a complete and total ‘disconnect’ between these alphabet boys and the working-classes they claim to represent! In reality, this function is a ‘myth’ very similar to a religious belief. A comfortable middle-class has no intention of helping the oppressed working-classes – because in reality these White men see nothing wrong with the Bourgeois societies they inhabit! Why should they – they possess everything they need to live comfortably, and working-class suffering is something they read about in the books of Charles Dickens.  

Hitler was a Problem for the UK as He Represented an Alternative Centre of Capitalist Endeavour! This was the Initial Cause of the War. Later, the ‘Holocaust’ Replaced this Primary Concern to Give the Death Toll On Both Sides a ‘Moral’ Ting – and to Justify the Hegemonic Expansion of the US into Western Europe!

These ‘new’ Bourgeois Communist Parties exist not to represent the legitimate concerns of the working-class, but rather to ‘blame’ all the injustices the Proletariat experience upon the fact they are ‘working-class’ – with the only (Trotskyite) remedy being not the Revolutionary change of society – but rather the Revolutionary change of attitude! Yes – the alphabet boys are now demanding (through the auspices of ‘Party Discipline’, no less), for each struggling and suffering working-class person seeking legitimate help to ‘give-up’ their working-class identity and instead aspire to Bourgeois standards, objectives and cultural norms! Democracy becomes, in this model, whatever the ‘Committee’ decides is the ‘majority’ decision – with no one quite remembering (in a very Kafka-esque fashion) – when any ‘Vote’ actually took place about any particular issue! In the meantime, in a truly ‘inverted’ fashion, any allegation of the alphabet boys behaving ‘inappropriately’ (in a non-Communist manner) is reflected back upon the exposing individual doing the whistle-blowing – as being a manifestation of the inner turmoil they must be feeling due to a lack of self-discipline!  

The Nazi Germans, Supported by the Trotskyites, the Catholic Church, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Slovakia and Bulgaria, Eyc, In Vaded the USSR and Murdered 41 Million Soviet Men, Women and Children – Following a Campaign of Mass Rape! After the War, the British ‘Historian’ Anthony Beevor Assisted the Americans in Getting Rid of Socialism in East Germany (c. 1992) By Inverting History and Turning the Nazi Mass Rape Back On The Soviets! Instead of Focusing Upon His Crimes – The Fascists Would have Use Believe Hitler was a ‘Sedate’ Artist!

The point is that ‘we’ – every single one of us – is the Communist Party! The problem is that we have become used to abdicating power into the hands of those who claim to represent our rights and needs, individuals who do so whilst possessing no legitimate mandate to do so. We do not need groups of middle-class ‘White’ men to form a Communist Party for us – we merely need to decide to be what we are! Natural organisation will do the rest and following the example of Marx with the First Internationale – should the rot set in – then we close the whole thing down and work to start again in better circumstances using a clearer idea! Meanwhile, the fascist march on building their much more fluid groups and infiltrating each and every leftist group! It is easier for the fascists because the racism they practice is applauded by large sections of the middle and upper classes!  

The Ideology of ‘Hate’ Transformed Nazi Germany in Just Three Years – So That It Could Hold the 1936 Olympic Games! Many Participating Teams Performed the Straight Armed Salute and Winston Churchill Wrote a Book Praising Hitler!

Even upon Telegram – that Russian-run social media platforms – there are many Hitlerite and fascist groups and chatrooms – each with thousands of members from across the US, UK and EU – exactly the same demographic that is currently supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! It is from these sources that I gathered these videos of Adolf Hitler. Compared to this, I very rarely find anything of Joseph Stalin’s translated into English and uploaded on the net for easy general consumption. The alphabet boys are around – all peddling their version of Trotskyite ‘Communism’ – but why bother frequenting their sites when you can bypass these charlatans and go straight to the Hitler source, they would have eventually led you to in the first place! Even the so-called ‘Marxism Archive’ – which uploads ‘free’ Communist ideological writings – Trotsky and his fascist followers are included, and they certainly do not like attention drawn to the ‘Stalin’ content they host! The left is a mess, and the political far-right is winning by default!  

Postscript: I have not included a ‘link’ to the Telegram Channel which hosts this Hitler data-base – as I do not intend to ‘advertise’ its existence. Those who write upon it are British, American and European. The German and English languages are used equally – and its members are paranoid about left-wing infiltrators! It is stated that there exists ant ANTIFA LIST – upon which are added all the details that can be gathered about these ‘Lefties’ which occasionally infiltrate and disrupt what amounts to young males ideologically wanking one another off! The fact they lost (and lost badly) WWII seems to be lost on them! As for the Communist Party – ‘criticism’ is advocated by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao and Stalin amongst many others! This mess needs to be sorted out if the battle against this fascist scum is to be won! All we need to do is ‘organise’ effectively as history shows they cannot win!