Exposing the Far-Right ‘Active Club’ Mentality – Beware of the Fascist Myth of a White Utopia! (1.6.2023) 

Whilst infiltrating and exposing the far-right – I have been contacted by a few individuals who have told me that the contemporary Neo-Nazi movement encourages single young men to shave their heads (usually performing this task upon one another) and congregate in secretive ‘fitness’ clubs that on the surface focus upon weightlifting (bodybuilding) and martial arts (often with their tops off – ostensibly to display their Hitlerite tattoos) – but which are excuses for latent homosexual behaviour. Bear in mind that although the Neo-Nazi ideology is inherently homophobic – it mimics the decadent homosexuality as practiced by Hitler and his SS Officers (usually upon the bodies of unsuspecting recruits)! This is part of the physical and sexual grooming that the far-right participates within when polluting the mind and bodies of the British nation’s youth. Some of the more extreme contemporary ‘Waffen SS’ movements openly support paedophilia, bestiality and violence against women and children!

Taiwan: US Advices Colony to Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday! (25.4.2023)

Although most ethnic Chinese people in Taiwan know very little about Hitler – the US is deliberately misleading these people with regards to the Swastika – which is a common Buddhist symbol in Asia meaning ‘peace’ and ‘tranquillity’. The Taiwanese are misinformed that Hitler had a good understanding of Asian culture and this is why he made use of the Swastika. Of course, nothing is said about the fact he turned it around and placed it on its side – to denote the states of ‘war’ and ‘fear’ brought about by continuous violence – or that their non-White bodies would be ‘processed’ in the Death Camps! Taiwanese children are being taught by ‘White’ CIA Operatives that Hitler was a good man whose birthday they must remember and celebrate! This is yet another example (from an endless list) of US atrocities which confirm yet again the inherent ‘racism’ and ‘mental illness’ that defines this country!

Historically Contextualising the Relationship Between Hitler and Palestine! (10.4.2023) 

As the political leader of the Arabs in Palestine at that time, due to his high social status, this person misused his Authority within the Islamic religion to wantonly incite the Arabs in Palestine to adopt anti-Semitic attitudes! This intensified the ethnic conflicts in the area, and completely killed the possibility of peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews! The seeds of the disastrous Palestine-Israel dispute that has continued to this day were planted during these times! In addition, after the UN Resolution 181 was passed – if this person had not insisted on establishing his own Palestinian Kingdom – Palestine would have been very likely to have established a formal State at the same time as Israel. It was this person who dragged all the Palestinians into the abyss of a war that has engulfed all Palestinians to this day in the “Palestine-Israel conflict”, and at the same time buried the last possibility of Palestine becoming a complete sovereign State. Historically, Muslims and Jews had coexisted peacefully. Even during WWII, it is well-known that Muslims risked their lives sheltering Jews. This Amin Husseini wanted to become the ruler of the entire Arab world. . . The above is my answer as to why there is ethnic strife in the region – thank you for reading… 

WWII: The ‘Correct’ Soviet Sinking of the Nazi German Ship – MV Wilhelm Gustloff [1945]! (29.10.2022)

With the US, UK and EU actively supporting the political rightwing and far-right as a policy decision in this power bloc’s opposition to any and all Workers’ Movements anywhere in the world – the idea that the Soviet sinking of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff was a ‘War Crime’ still carries significant persuasive force that even permeates Western classrooms (including those of ‘modern’ Russia) and is a common idea held throughout society. Alexander Marinesko did not commit a ‘War Crime’ or a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ because from the point of view of International Maritime Law, the ship was a legitimate target for the following reasons: 

a) The ship was fitted with artillery (including anti-aircraft guns). 

b) The ship was escorted by armed warships. 

c) The ship and was painted in gray ‘camouflage’ colours to assist in its combat missions. 

d) The ship was not Registered with the Red Cross. 

e) The ship was carrying active military personnel. 

f) The ship was travelling through a declared combat zone at the time of sinking. 

g) The ship sailed under the (military) flag of the Reichskriegsmarine.

On Why a Structured Study of Nazism is Important!

The example of Zionism is important because part of its structure is a denial of what it is. The public face of Zionism is that it is the ideology of Jews ‘standing-up for themselves’ – but since when has White people acting like genocidal, racist thugs been part of genuine Jewish (community) self-defence? The answer is ‘never’ because Jews have been the historical victims of such race-hatred. Zionism is ‘Hitlerism’ hiding in plain sight and this is why this example is important.

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