Decoding Bourgeois Science


Bourgeois science is the product of the controlling class that currently dominates Western society. The bourgeoisie control society and therefore provide the dominant ideas of the age. Bourgeois science emerged out of Judeo-Christian theology, and developed an entirely new way of viewing  the world. This process is generally perceived as a historical extension of ancient and classical Greek thought, although bourgeois science is much more advanced, in as much as it has proven its hypotheses through devising logical experimentation. The problem is that the thought community that preserves, and perpetuates bourgeois science is more or less fully divorced from the real world as experienced by the working class. Bourgeois science exists in a rarefied world that is elitist and exclusive in nature (i.e. ‘alienating’) – designed only to serve the class interests of the bourgeoisie and the capitalist system it has established. As a consequence, the pristine logic of bourgeois science has become enshrined in a type of ‘rational’ mysticism that is designed to befuddle and confuse anyone not of a middle class background. This is because bourgeois science, at its core, remains fully ruptured from the material world it seeks to understand, define and explain. In-short, bourgeois science has no direct association with ‘labour’, other than in the fully exploitative sense. Workers may use their labour to produce scientific equipment – but at no time is it explained to the worker what the equipment does, and why it is important. It is assumed a priori that although the worker obviously possesses the ability to manufacture advanced scientific equipment, he or she simultaneously does not possess the intellectual ability to ‘understand’ the bourgeois scientific method. For the worker to ‘decode ‘bourgeois science, its findings, methods and techniques must be re-explained in a practical manner, directly related to the ‘real’ world as the worker experiences it. This is science devoid of its elitist elements and made universal in scope. The working class must find new ways to transcend the bourgeois logical mysticism that permeates that type of science.

The Real Reason Blairite Sadiq Khan Will Not Cut the Cost of London Travelcards


Like many Londoners – I rejoiced at the election of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor. However, as time has gone on, I have come to realise the nature of his tenure in the capital. The current Mayor of London represents the rightwing of the Labour Party – and because of this is termed a ‘Blairite’ – or follower of Tony Blair’s neo-conservative political values. As such, Sadiq Khan’s policies in London support not the Socialist vision of the current Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn (despite Sadiq Khan’s lip-service to the contrary), but rather is in full accordance with Tory policy, whereby he supports the middle class. What I can only describe as Tory propaganda is encompassed in the reply I received on behalf of Sadiq Khan’s Office yesterday, which rather shockingly (and uncritically) states that more and more people are working ‘part-time’ in London – with no acknowledgement of the injustice of zero-hours contracts, the dismantling of London’s NHS System, or the sudden, dramatic and cruel effects of the withdrawal of Benefits from the disabled, the poor, vulnerable, aged and unemployed, etc. No one can live in London on a ‘part-time’ wage and not be in some state of distress. Even nurses working for London’s NHS hospitals are having to visit food-banks just to survive! I asked Sadiq Khan why he does not cut the price of a travelcard across the board to help the ‘ordinary’ people who are still suffering under Tory ‘Austerity’ – and the following verbal garbage is the reply furnished on his behalf. The vital piece of information missing from this ‘answer’ below is that the maintenance and upgrading of Britain’s public transport system is paid for many times over through income tax and local council tax – so why does Sadiq Khan claim to rely upon the ‘cost’ of each individual travel ticket to finance these changes? What the London Mayor does not want to be known, or at least broadcast, is that ‘Transport for London’ (TFL) is now ‘privatised’ and run by a number of private companies – the share-holders of which expect a profitable return for their investment. This profit is paid for through the current outrageous cost of a travelcard! As Sadiq Khan is not a Socialist, he does not want to ‘offend’ his middle class friends in the City – and exercise the power he has as London Mayor to initiate a blanket ‘cut’ in the cost of travelcards. It seems to be that those in power have learned nothing from the Grenfell disaster, and that for Blairites like Sadiq Khan – the current Mayor of London – it is business as usual exploiting the masses.

24 August 2017

Dear Mr Chan-Wyles

Thanks for your email of 5 July to the Mayor about the price of Travelcards.

Your email was passed to us to reply on the Mayor’s behalf as we’re responsible for implementing the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. I’m sorry for the delay in replying.

I appreciate your concerns about the cost of fares which you feel are high. As you’re aware, we’re undertaking massive improvement works to improve services across the transport network, refurbishing our old stations and rebuilding Tube tracks on all lines. The fares charged will help protect the reinvestment to deliver greater capacity and more reliable services.

Most of our ongoing work is focussed on improvements to signals, trains and track, and on new approaches and technologies that can help us continue reducing delays to customers. Major improvements have already been completed, including the installation of new signalling on some lines. The process of rebuilding and renewing is ongoing with further improvements planned and major projects on other lines already well underway or being planned.

Some fares increase while others remain unchanged.

To support the change in London’s workforce where over 20 per cent of Londoners now work part time, we cut pay as you go daily caps to become one fifth of the cost of a 7 day Travelcard to zone 1 in January 2015.  This was ‘all day cap’ gave a much fairer commuting cost for many part-time workers.

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy outlines the key proposals of transforming the Tube network.

The Mayor would like to hear your views on the key parts of the Strategy in his current Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy. You can submit your views by email at:; or write to us at FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS. The consultation closes on 2 October.

Thanks again for contacting the Mayor. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please reply to this email. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Customer Service Advisers on 0343 222 1234.

Kind regards


Maria La Tegola

Customer Service Adviser

Transport for London Customer Services

How Labour’s (2017) General Election Defeat Continues to Haunt the Ordinary British People


The rightwing Tories represent the corporate establishment – that is middle and upper class cultural and business interests. This includes the non-payment of personal and corporate tax, and the rejection of any form of re-distributing wealth amongst the Working Class. in-short – the Tories represent a complete and total rejection of any form of Socialism and empowerment of the ordinary workers within a capitalist society. The Labour Party has not advocated Class Revolution since the early years of its inception (in the late 19th century), and even then such calls were half-hearted. When Socialist Members of the Labour Party renamed themselves ‘Communists’ around 1921 (in solidarity with Lenin’s Russian Revolution), they were expelled from the Labour Party – never to be re-admitted. This is why Labour’s call for Socialism remains thoroughly bourgeois in nature, and amounts to a collaboration with the forces of capitalism – rather than its over-throw. Even with this substantial compromise, however, the Conservative Party will not even consider what amounts to a ‘minor’ and downward re-distribution of wealth that would leave the capitalist system intact, and class privilege firmly in place. To this end the Tories are busy carrying-out two broad policies to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming a ‘Socialist’ Prime Minister: 1) mimicking certain peripheral Labourite policies (in an attempt to take votes away from Labour), and b) continuing unabated (and in an accelerated fashion) to ‘privatise’ the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State (inaccordance with EU legislation). As these services are cut, the tax-burden is not reduced, but continues to increase and be gathered by a bourgeois government that is re-distributing wealth in an ‘upward’ direction (through tax-cuts) – making the wealthier even richer in a manner that is quite pointless to the health of the British nation. In the meantime, the Tory government is using this ‘stolen’ wealth (paid for by the Working Class), to rage imperialist wars in support of US neo-colonial foreign policies (generally in securing oil supplies and revenue). What a despicable political party these Tories represent – which will not even allow a highly compromised version of Labourite Socialism to make life at least ‘tolerable’ for the majority of ordinary people in the UK – whilst the rich continue to live their lives of debauchery and excess.

Anti-Corbyn Dark Forces at Work within British Society


There are dark forces at work within the Labour Party, the British media and social media, where people purporting to represent Jeremy Corbyn – are in fact working to undermine him continuously and insidiously. Misrepresenting Marxism in-particularly, and British Socialism generally, is part and parcel of this neo-liberal agenda, which is designed to confuse and deceive the working class – creating the conditions where disempowered and misled workers will vote for anyone, even against their own class interests. Genuine Corbyn supporters should be aware that he was very much mentored in the Labour Party by the great Tony Benn, and anyone with a modicum of common-sense, understands that Karl Marx (1818-1883) is considered a towering intellectual figure whose critique of capitalism cannot be dismissed or ignored by any serious economist or sociologist – although many try to turn a blind eye. Although Socialism existed in its ‘utopic’ (i.e. ‘religious’) form before Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels formulated their theory of Scientific Socialism, it was the insightful and creative genius of Karl Marx that thoroughly ripped apart the capitalist system exposing its corrupt core and revealing its festering functionality. In fact, the capitalist classes have never recovered from the sheer historical (and dialectical) intellectual power that Marx unleashed upon the world. This is why the bourgeoisie – that is the ‘middle class’ that owns the means of production – must attack continuously any and all manifestations of Marxism, be it in the Labour Party, or throughout history. The main weapons employed for this task are lying and misrepresentation, as well as character assassination and ‘actual’ assassination (as employed by the CIA). Within social media, if you look carefully, you will see posts on pro-Corbyn sites written by people purportedly ‘supporting’ Jeremy Corbyn, that are in fact engaged in the process of ever so subtly discrediting him and his supporters. Of course, in a typically bourgeois (and hypocritical) manner, this behaviour is tolerated and justified as an exercise in ‘freedom of expression’, and even packaged as the ‘cut and thrust’ of genuine debate, when in fact it is nothing than a concerted attack upon the left, designed to further the neo-liberal cause. Be aware of this behaviour and counter it through direct exposure, for when brought into the light of day, it loses much of its coercive power.

Jeremy Corbyn Gained Over 12 Million Votes for British Socialism!


I have re-arranged this article – including two new references – but the main point is that Corbyn achieved a 9.6% swing toward Labour – more than Tony Blair in 1997, and just behind Clement Atlee in 1945. He did all this with the Labour Party tearing itself apart (with Blairites versus Leftists), the Zionist lobby trying to get rid of him (because he intends to ‘recognise’ the State of Palestine and hold Israel responsible for its terrorist outrages), and a hostile BBC (and broader media) continuously misrepresenting him at every turn. He succeeded in appealing directly to the British people with a successful Socialist message, and by-passing the self-proclaimed ‘bringers of news’!

The British establishment is trying desperately to keep Jeremy Corbyn from power because he is a Socialist. This is despite the fact that he scored 12,858,652 votes – and yet did not gain an over-all majority in the UK’s first past the post electoral system. In fact, so many votes did Jeremy Corbyn attract as leader, that he scored more than Clement Atlee’s 1945 Labour Government amount of 11,967,746 over-all votes, whilst according to the Independent Newspaper, Jeremy Corbyn’s influence also increased Labour’s share of the vote by 9.6% – the biggest swing to Labour since 1945 (where Clement Atlee secured a 10.4% swing), bigger than even that of Tony Blair in 1997 (which amounted to an 8.8% swing). On a purely Socialist Ticket of re-distributing wealth, Corbyn has thoroughly revived the Labour Party, and despite vitriol from Blairite rightwing Labour MPs, and bias from the mainstream media, has succeeded in steering the Labour Party firmly to the left. Of course, an Al Jazeeza investigation has revealed that Israel financed a ‘Zionist’ coup within the Labour Party, in an attempt to upset Corbyn’s tenure through false allegations of anti-Semitism. Israel has adopted this stance because Jeremy Corbyn has stated that he will quite rightly recognise the ‘State of Palestine’ when he gains political power. Theresa May remains holed beneath the water-line, is dead in the water and is slowly sinking, but nevertheless is being supported by the British State in a manner that would not have been the case if a Labour Party was in the same untenable situation. As a consequence, she is desperately courting a group of democratically elected Christian terrorists in Northern Ireland (the ‘Democratic Unionist Party’), that believe in murdering Catholics, banning homosexuality, and disempowering women – very similar, in fact, to the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Madan’ regime in Western Ukraine. What we are seeing here, is nothing less than the machinations of a class war in motion. May wants to continue her mission of privatising the NHS and dismantling the British Welfare State even though she possesses absolutely no mandate to proceed, and that there is no pressure to keep enforcing anti-Socialist EU legislation in the UK. In the meantime, Jeremy Corbyn is wisely biding his time, patiently watching the May camp, and carefully calculating his next move. This is working upon the premise that there is only a finite amount of legal ‘elasticity’ in the British political system, before people starting crying ‘enough is enough’ – and May is forced to call a ‘new’ election, or Jeremy Corbyn is asked to form a government and become a ‘care-taker’ Prime Minister. May’s new government is an Anti-Working Class cabinet of hideous curiosities, that carries the undemocratic message to the British Working Class, that it does not matter who it votes for, or in what numbers, the Bourgeoisie will always impose its rightwing will across the country, and that the Working Class might as well ‘give up’ and never venture out of its dilapidated estates. Never give-in to this bourgeois lie – as it is important for everyone to vote in their best class interests. The UK desperately needs Socialism and Jeremy Corbyn is more than capable to provide it – after-all, the British electorate has already voted for him! On the other hand, Tories under Theresa May had a terrible election that need never have been fought in the first place. However, whereas Corbyn gained around 40% of the popular vote (and 31 extra seats in Parliament), May actually scored higher with around 42% of the popular vote (receiving 13,650,900 votes), but nevertheless lost 12 seats (and her ‘majority’ in Parliament). The reason May has no moral right to rule is that the British media (The Morning Star excepted) supported the Tories (and UKIP), continuously issuing lies and distortions about Jeremy Corbyn (who had to be elected ‘twice’ to the Labour leadership), demeaning the notion of Socialism, and unquestionably supporting the Tories in every move that despicable party made. Exactly the same British media chose to ‘ignore’ the 2016 United Nations (UN) verdict that the Tories and LibDems were Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for the ‘austerity’ measures (since 2010) that had killed between 10,000 and 80,000 people with disabilities! This ruling makes the UK the only European country (outside of Nazi Germany), to have been found guilty of such a crime, but the British media chose to ‘hide’ this news and wherever possible, play it down – calling instead for the UK to withdraw from the Human Rights Convention. The British media could have brought down the Tory monolith in utter disgrace, but instead it chose to be complicit in what amounts to mass murder. This is why the establishment wants to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power – so that he cannot follow though on his promise of prosecuting anyone in the British media who deliberately violated the ‘impartiality’ laws, and were in practice biased toward the British rightwing.


Successful Corbyn Drives Political Rightwing into a Tight Corner!


The misled Scottish people turn to the racist Tories to cement their sovereignty and their freedom, the racist Tories turn to the equally racist, homophobic and terroristic DUP to legitimise Theresa May’s electoral failure, and the bias BBC have just asked Jeremy Corbyn to resign – but remains absolutely ‘silent’ about the dangerous political lurch to the right by the British political establishment! This fascistic insanity maybe added to the general mainstream media (such as the radio channel LBC) claiming that if only Jeremy Corbyn was not the leader of the Labour Party, and a more moderate (i.e. ‘capitalist supporting’) Candidate was in his place, then Labour would have won an outright majority – completely ignoring the historical fact that the Labour Party had already (and unsuccessfully) tried this compromising approach with Ed Miliband in 2015! What is happening is that the middle class is flexing its political muscle – and has been doing so since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 – completely unafraid of the consequences of its own (often illegal or unlawful) behaviour. The USSR offered a tangible threat to the Western Bourgeoisie which nolonger exists, whilst a vicious, ruthless and relentless racist campaign against Communist China ensures that the Western Working Class imbues these anti-Chinese racist attitudes, and does not ideologically associate itself with the Chinese proletariat. In fact, so successful has this racially motivated campaign been that its attitudes have become associated with logic, and are equally pervasive as much on the political left as on the political right.  This lurch to the right can be easily discerned across Europe (with the EU’s anti-Socialist agenda), and the rise of Donald Trump in the US. It may well be safe to say that only Jeremy Corbyn now genuinely represents the Socialist position within mainstream politics, and that the British establish will try anything to get rid of him in anyway that it can. I think the Tory position amounts to ‘do not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain’! I think there is now a distinct possibility of race riots developing on the British streets, if the British people do not put a stop to this madness!

We Are Involved in a Class War! (8.6.2017)


Anyone with an ounce of sense realises that we are involved in a class war. This is not a war of bombs and bullets (at least not on the British Mainland for the most part), although, of course, with ever more rightwing UK governments, armed police and the British Army are seen more today than ever before. No, this is a war of class ‘privilege’ versus class ‘neglect’, of the ‘few’ living lavish lifestyles, whilst the rest suffer terribly as a result, living a life of poverty, poor education, poor housing, poor living conditions, and poor health. Furthermore, this is an ongoing war that has no defined geographical boundaries, and which is not subject to time limits or ceasefires. Once you are born ‘Working Class’, you will remain ‘Working Class’ whether you like it or not, and regardless of whether you are successful in life, and possess all the trappings of an apparent ‘Middle Class’ lifestyle. The point is that the few in society act as parasites over the many, and we have a chance today to reverse this for at least five years, but should the day not go in our favour, this does not mean that we stop fighting, on the contrary, the fight continues after June 8th, as it has done for hundreds of years.

On Why Labour Has to Win the 2017 General Election!


Labour Poster – Livermead (Torquay) 28.5.2017

When the dust settles on the Labour internecine fighting – essentially a fight between Tory-minded Blairites and Socialist minded Corbynistas – the stark reality that shines through the battle smoke is that for the Working Class in Britain, there is no other alternative at the ballet-box. The Tories and LibDems will always watch-out for the middle class, and when Socialist or Communists candidates stand – the biased bourgeois media ensures they are excluded, demonised, or otherwise side-lined. Jeremy Corbyn is a Socialist who will stick by his word if elected. This is not like the rightwing Tony Blair – who basically lied his way into Downing Street (in 1997) pretending to represent the workers, before finally revealing his Tory agenda. In reality, this is the last chance for the British Working Class to collectively ‘save’ the British ‘Socialist’ way of life – particularly now that the UK has left the EU – and nolonger has to continue to privatise all public services. If Jeremy Corbyn can earn five years in Parliament, life will get better for everyone, the NHS will be re-invigorated, and the Welfare System re-built. Food Banks will disappear, and homeless people will be given shelter. Furthermore, our children’s education will be taken-out of the hands of unscrupulous private businesses, and once again put back into rational State control. I am calling on the Working Class to unite around Jeremy Corbyn for the duration of the General Election campaign, and to assist and support any and all measures required to get the Labour Party voted into Parliament. Regardless of what some people say (both within and outside of Labour), the Labour Party still flies the ‘Red Flag’, and regardless of how we all represent the political left, we must work together against the ‘Class Enemies’ of the Tories and LibDems, keep them out of Parliament, and repair the damage that has been done since 2010. Yes, democracy on the left is important, and yes, the Labour Party is responsible to us – the voters – for everything said and done in its name, but if we can get Jeremy Corbyn into power, then the rightwing of the Labour Party will be legally dealt with, and Labour will once again truly represent the voice of the people. I do not exclude or forget my Socialist and Communist friends who have dialectically criticised Labour in the past (as I have done myself), but what are we actually doing? We are criticising the rightwing that has infiltrated Labour and influenced all kinds of anti-leftist, and imperialist activities over the decades (and to varying degrees). We have the power in our hands to put a true Socialist in power who can carry-out the required reforms to steer the Labour Party firmly back on its leftist course. The Labour Party is needed, because even Karl Marx stated that the British Working Class are slow to rise, and probably prefer ‘voting’ over any other method of governmental change (although, of course, mass strikes and protests have also been known to work in the past!). Whatever differences colleagues on the left have – we need to put these aside for the moment, gather together our voting forces, and show the world what the British Worker can do! It really says something about the political climate, when a generally Tory and rightwing part of Torquay – Livermead – which usually sees Tory, UKIP and even BNP placards displayed with pride in the middle class windows, doorways, and gardens – that in prominent view a ‘Vote Labour’ placard has appeared in the garden of a big house with at least three cars parked outside! Let’s hope that the petty bourgeoisie will see the injustice of the last 7 years of Tory mis-rule, and out of a sense of ‘noblesse oblige’, join us in voting in a Socialist Labour Party, after-all, I do not know many middle class people who are happy having to now pay for health-cover, unemployment cover, and the threat of school fees! The middle classes benefit quite extensively from Socialism – I hope they remember this at the ballet-box on June 8th!


Tories to ‘Re-Legalise’ Fox-Hunting! (2017)


May says she will hold free vote on allowing foxhunting if elected

Although neo-Con Tony Blair ‘banned’ fox-hunting (a minority blood-sport which sees a pack of starving dogs chase – and then rip an exhausted fox to pieces – pursued by a load of parasitic toffs on horse-back), there was much resistance from the bourgeoisie, and of course, the British police continuously failed to prevent ‘illegal’ fox-hunting from taking place (primarily because many senior officers partook in this activity, and the fact that the police exist to protect the middle class from the working class). In fact, when hunt saboteur groups gathered to prevent this ‘illegal’ hunting, they found themselves the victims of the very same police force that was failing in its duty to enforce UK Law. This is a clear case of the British police deliberately ‘refusing’ to enforce the law that had ‘banned’ fox-hunting, and siding with the very privileged middle class the ban affected. Ordinary working class people were arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges for trying to enforce the fox-hunting ban, whilst the police ensured that wherever possible, these now ‘illegal’ fox-hunts continued (on open land) without the inconvenience of British legislation interfering with the day’s activities. As soon as David Cameron was elected in 2010, bizarre ‘anti-fox’ stories started unquestionably appearing throughout the British media and press. Virtually all were non-substantiated, and ranged between false and improbable stories of London Boroughs ‘over-run’ with aggressive fox packs, to foxes attempting to kidnap sleeping children from their beds! This Tory tactic was an obvious attempt by the middle class to bring-back fox-hunting, but for various logistical reasons, this plan was not fully enacted at the time. This is because the Tories (and their LibDem lapdogs) had bigger fish to fry, formulating legislation to privatise the NHS and abolished the Welfare System. Having lost the vote to ‘stay-in’ the EU, Theresa May now thinks the time is right to bring-back fox-hunting – a blood-sport that never really left the British countryside due to the police refusing to enforce its ban.

Sutton: Privatising Bin Collections (2.4.2017)


Sutton Bin Changes

Why should we – local Council Tax payers – separate our household rubbish into ‘recyclable’ categories that benefit the ruthless ‘private’ firms the Local Council has ‘contracted-out’ the service of refuge disposal? If these ruthless private firms want to make money out of our rubbish, they should collect and sort the rubbish themselves, but they do not do this, because they would have to ‘pay’ employees to do it, and this would remove or diminish any available profit. Furthermore, what local residents are not told, is that the Local Council hires these ‘private’ firms to ‘reduce’ the amount of waste a household produces (an oppressive policy which I believe would be against the law if it were made public knowledge). This is achieved in two broad ways; a) reducing bin collections to every two-weeks instead of every week, and b) replacing large (wheelie) bins with small plastic ‘pots’ that clearly cannot hold anywhere near the volume of rubbish, of the bins they replace.


In the late 1990’s, Sutton Council (in South London), decided that that every household would have (unrecyclable) rubbish (by far the bulk of household rubbish) collected ‘every two weeks’ instead of the usual every week. This was coupled with an EU Directive that stated ALL areas of the UK had to start ‘recycling’ the rubbish that could be used again (such as tins, paper, cartons, plastic bottles and glass, etc). This task was given to greed-orientated ‘private’ firms that only cared about ‘profit’ and not the environment, and implemented by Bin-men who refused to ‘take’ any rubbish they deemed ‘non-sorted’ or ‘not sorted to the required degree’. As plastic bin-bags were still in use then – the Bin-men would cut a slit in the bag to ‘look’ at the content as a means to make their decision. If the bag was left – the slit in its structure often meant the bag would ‘rip’ when moved – spilling the contents-out on the floor, or attracted wild animals (such as foxes and birds) to attack the rubbish for food, a scavenging process also spreading the rubbish across the ground. This change in policy co-coincided with the introduction of ‘wheelie’ bins designed to prevent the Bin-men from damaging their backs – a common occurrence in the old days after years of lifting heavy bin bags for decades. However, a battle of wills developed where Council Tax-paying citizens simply left piles of rubbish bags in the streets when the Bin-men refused to take them. This led to a terrible stink in the streets, and a public health scandal developed as swarms of rats and mice descended upon the area! Sutton Council responded by introducing ‘covert bin-runs’ that were never officially announced or acknowledged. I had a martial arts student in those days who worked on these ‘secret’ bin-runs, the objective of which, was to go around the streets late at night or early in the morning ‘collecting’ all the rubbish left by the ‘official’ bin-run in the week.  The important point about this deception (paid for by Council Tax contribution) was that the local people were to be kept in the dark about it, as the Council did not want to encourage ordinary people to put-out extra bags of rubbish!  Things got so bag that the Liberal Democrat and Conservative Councillors that run Sutton became afraid that they would lose their Council Seats in the upcoming elections, and so re-introduced ‘weekly’ collections of ordinary household waste (raising Council Tax rates in the process).


That was around 20 years ago, but under this current Tory national government, Local Councils have become thoroughly ‘unaccountable’ since the demise of the Audit Commission in 2010 (a government body empowered to investigate and hold Local Councils ‘legally’ accountable for their actions). Today, Local Councils implement vicious (and ‘illegal’) Benefit cuts and Housing policies that attack and persecute the poor and the vulnerable. This is part of a broader Tory policy of attempting to eradicate the ordinary working class from relatively ‘wealthy’ areas of London by literally ‘starving’ then out, or deliberately not assisting in re-housing, etc. Quite often, when Council houses or flats become ‘vacant’, Sutton Council guts the interior and replaces everything ‘anew’ (something the Council would not have done for the previous Council Tenant), and places the building on the market for a ‘private’ sale. However, refuge collections effects absolutely everyone equally across the borough, and it will be interesting to see how Sutton’s middle class will react this time around. If the middle class reacts badly (i.e. ‘hose that vote’) – then it will be interesting to see how a vast reduction in the collection of waste volume will be met. In the meantime, it can clearly be seen that the plastic tubs provided in no way ‘equal’ the ‘wheelie’ bins that will soon be taken away from us. Lastly, it seems that the Bin-men will now have to pick-up heavy objects again (thus risking their backs), but in this time of diminished workers’ rights, Sutton Council is well aware that there is little the individual worker can do about this regressive change in working conditions (falsely) packaged as ‘progress’. Living in a ruthless, capitalist and consumerist society, it is ridiculous to oppress local people by stating that they should ‘reduce’ their consumption! Capitalism demands continuous (and ‘mindless’ consumption for it to exist!  The rich, of course, can afford to ‘pay’ for refuge collection in a ‘private’ capacity, but ordinary people already ‘collectively’ pay for this service through Council Tax payment. Ending capitalism and building a Socialist society is the only means to truly ‘cut’ the excessive waste associated with ‘unbridled’ greed. As matters stand, it looks like flat dwellers may have their old-style bins taken away, as there is no mention in the literature that the bins will exist alongside the new containers (as is the case with some middle class houses). It looks as if privileged middle class people will keep their old-style bins as well as benefiting from the new ‘pots’ (a shrewd move) – whilst ordinary working class people living in flats (amounting to tens of thousands) are losing their old-style bins and having their refuge collection volume ‘cut’. Taking rubbish to the local Council-run dump will be of no use – as the private firm running the new ‘pots’ will be also running the dump and ‘charging’ for any rubbish brought-in. This has been clearly seen with the antics of ‘Tor2’ – a private firm operating in Torquay in the Council’s name.  Sutton Council states on its website (2.4.2017):


  • Food waste will be collected every week – new service with new container
  • Paper and card will be collected every week – new container
  • Plastics, glass, cans and cartons will be collected every week
  • Rubbish will be collected every week

When we deliver your new food waste kitchen caddy, look inside. You will find further information about how to use the new service. The service for flats will be tailored to individual blocks, to account for differences in amount of available space or to accommodate management agents’ routines.

Flat above a shop

  • Paper, card, plastics, glass, cans and cartons will be collected every week – new service with new bags
  • Rubbish will be collected every week – new bags

We will supply you with the bags you need to use the service. We will only collect materials if they are contained in these bags.

When we deliver your new recycling and rubbish bags, we will also provide you with further information about how to use the new service.

House with a kerbside collection

  • Food waste will be collected every week – new service with new container
  • Paper and card will be collected every two weeks
  • Plastics, glass, cans and cartons will be collected every two weeks – new container
  • Rubbish will be collected every two weeks
  • Garden waste will be collected every two weeks (subscription-based service)
  • Textiles will be collected every week when placed in an tied carrier or clear bag next to the recycling bin/box
  • Batteries will be collected every week when placed in a tied carrier or clear bag next to the recycling bag/box

When we deliver your new containers, look inside. You will find further information about how to use the new service.

House with a bagged collection

  • Plastics, glass, cans and cartons will be collected every two weeks – new bags
  • Paper and card will be collected every two weeks
  • Rubbish will be collected every two weeks – new bags
  • Textiles will be collected every week when placed in an tied carrier or clear bag next to the recycling bin/box
  • Batteries will be collected every week when placed in a open carrier or clear bag next to the recycling bag/box

We will supply you with all the recycling containers and rubbish bags you need to use the new service. From April 2017, we will only collect rubbish if it is contained in the red bags we provide you with.

When we deliver your new recycling containers and rubbish bags, we will also provide you with further information about how to use the new service.

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