Cracker: The ‘Fake’ Left and Its Betrayal of the White Working-Class! (4.2.2023)

After a Long Shift in a Factory – a British Worker Heads to a Local Shop for Supplies…

These are a set of ‘clips’ taken from the ITV ‘Cracker’ story entitled ‘To Be a Somebody’ – originally broadcast in three-parts on October 10th (Part 1), October 17th (Part 2) and October 24th (Part 3). Robert Carlyle portrays a ‘White’ working-class man who works in a factory as a Welder. He is a ‘Socialist’, a member of a Trade Union and has always voted Labour. He likes football (and was at the Hillsborough diaster in 1989 – misreported by The Sun newspaper – which falsely claimed surviving Liverpool supporters ‘pissed’ on the bodies of the dead) and has been on marches for the rights of others. He nursed his father (who fought ‘fascism’ during WWII) whem he was dying from Cancer – and because his Dad spent the last months of his life living in his son’s home – this led to this character divorcing from his wife (who moved-out taking their child with her).

Our Character Returns to the Local Shop with the Four-Pence He Owns…

Following his father’s death – this character suffers a psychological and emotional breakdown – and resorts to right-wing Anarchistic murder and mayhem – whilst confusingly justifying these murderous actions through the use of legitimate left-wing rhetoric and what some might say justifiable angst! He shaves his head and ‘pretends’ to be a member of the political far-right (which the Police initially blame for the violence) – whilst using his father’s British Army bayonet to murder a local Pakistani shop-owner, a Police Coroner, an ordinary Workman and a high-ranking Police Officer! Whilst carryout these terrible crimes – the scriptwriter cleverly inserts a number of home-truths about what is today termed the ‘fake’ left just three-years after the collapse of the USSR (in 1991) and just two-years (1992) after the EU introduced the free movement of ‘cheap’ labour around Europe (a policy which has subsequently destroyed local economies, eradicated employment opportunities and artificially lowered wages).

The Police ‘Raid’ a Local ‘National Front’ Meeting!

Marxist-Leninism emphasises the correct dialectical assessment of material conditions. This is because the workers are the product (mind and body) of their material environments. Only by ascertaining the conditions of reality can a scientific basis be developed for a worker-friendly reconstruction of existence. Without this ability – there is NO ‘Scientific Socialism’! As a rule, Marxist-Leninism rejects Anarchist violence and any form of opportunistic terrorism, as these isolated acts ultimately achieve very little (other than pointlessly killing the innocent and equally oppressed) and end-up with the ruling classes blaming the working-class and taking punitive measures against it! On the other hand, the ‘positive’ discrimination hypocritically employed by the Bourgeois State to favour minority or under-privileged groups often drives continuously ‘oppressed’ White working-class males into the grip of the far-right – through a ‘I told you so’ mentality! We are all victims of predatory capitalism because we are all members of the same working-class it ruthlessly exploits! The Bourgeoisie tries to separate us into disunited and pointlessly competing special interest groups – all antagonistic to one another’s wants and needs! This is exactly the ‘LYING’ that Hitler encouraged which fuels the far-right and is now justifying the US-derived Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!

A Professor and Police Coroner Falls Victim!
A ‘Cracker’ is a ‘Forensic Psychologist’ Often Used by the Police!